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Saturday, May 25 2019 @ 10:51 AM UTC

Police Capture FARC Guerrilla in Kuna Yala

Crime & Punishment Panama America - Panamanian officials captured a Colombian guerrilla presumably pertaining to the 57th FARC Front with his rifle in hand. The insurgent who was only identified with the alias of "Malicia" was captured in Puerto Obaldia in Kuna Yala. Another group of guerrillas who were also in the area fled into the jungle. The authorities anticipate sending reinforcements to confirm with certainty the number of insurgents who penetrated the sector. With this arrest so far in 2008 seven FARC guerrillas have been captured in Panama. (Comments Follow)

Editor's Comment: Puerto Obaldia is only about ten miles from the Colombian border in the Darien. Chances are the Panamanian authorities caught this guy because he wanted to get caught, mostly because living in the jungle basically blows. The FARC have a tendency to show up in the most remote villages looking for food and supplies on the Panamanian side of the border. Expect more of this kind of stuff as the Colombian military continues to push and pressure the FARC and narco traffickers from their side, and Panama continues to strengthen and upgrade their presence on this side. Hammer and anvil - tends to work well. Better when the two sides coordinate their activities closely. I wonder if that's happening (probably not very well, and certainly not down to the tactical level.)


Autoridades capturan en Kuna Yala a presunto guerrillero de la FARC

Redacción PA-DIGITAL

Con su fusil en la mano fue capturado un insurgente presuntamente perteneciente al frente 57 de las Fuerzas Armadas de Colombia (FARC).

El insurgente identificado con el alias de "Malicia" fue capturado en Puerto Obaldía en Kuna Yala, sin embargo otro grupo se refugió en la selva.

Las autoridades tienen previsto enviar refuerzos para confirmar con exactitud el número de insurgentes que incursionaron en ese sector.

Con esta captura suman siete guerrilleros atrapados en el año.

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