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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 03:53 AM UTC

Huge Multi-Ton Cocaine Bust in Dos Mares Worth $288 Million

Drug Trafficking La Critica - Four Colombians in possession of 2,881 kilos (6,351 pounds or more than three tons) of cocaine were captured by the National Police. The arrests were the result of a police operation called "Operation Infierno (Hell)" that was executed in the luxury Pacific Hills condominiums in Panama City's exclusive Dos Mares neighborhood. Police arrested Jean Carlos Amaya Solis, Luis Alberto Arenas and Maira Alejandra Rubio Echeverri, all 29 years-old, and José Uriel Loaisa Montoya, 34 years old. (See Comments) (Photo Credit: Hermes González / EPASA)

Editor's Comment: And what's the street value for this little bust? In the past I have used $25,000 per kilo to calculate the street value of cocaine seized in Panama. But in fact I checked that this morning and I have been using the wrong numbers. The price of $25,000 per kilo is actually a wholesale price per kilo, or rather a mid-level dealer's price in major areas such as New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. The closer you get to the actual drug user the more the cocaine is worth. Right now in most markets the standard going rate for one gram of cocaine is $100 on the street. And (of course) there are 1,000 grams per kilo. Therefore, each kilogram has a street value of $100,000 dollars. In this bust there were 2,881 kilograms. Add five zeros, and you get a whopping street value of $288.1 million dollars. Now, pay attention. This bust just happened yesterday. Soon the bodies will start turning up - they always do after a big bust like this. The drug traffickers simple eliminate anyone and everyone who had any contact with this shipment, even remotely, to both silence potential witnesses and to payback whoever might have talked or tipped off the authorities. Seriously - in the next four to five days you can expect to see as many executions with the bodies turning up along side of the Southern Corridor, up on the road going to Cerro Azul, on the road going to Veracruz - remote places where they can be easily dumped.

Cerro de coca

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Droga incautada (Foto: Hermes González / EPASA)

Cuatro colombianos en posesión de 2 mil 881 kilos de cocaína fueron capturados por la Policía Nacional. Todo fue el fruto de la llamada "Operación Infierno", que se llevó a cabo en el condominio de lujo Pacific Hills en Dos Mares.

Jean Carlos Amaya Solis, Luis Alberto Arenas y Maira Alejandra Rubio Echeverri, todos de 29 años, y José Uriel Loaisa Montoya de 34 años, son los detenidos.

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