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Saturday, May 25 2019 @ 03:24 AM UTC

Juan Carlos Navarro and Balbina Herrera Close Campaigns in Panama City

Politics By Yessika Valdés for the Panama America - Both of the principal presidential candidates for the Partido Revolucionario Democratico (PRD), Balbina Herrera and Juan Carlos Navarro, held triumphant campaign closing rallies yesterday afternoon, in which they each reiterated what they would do if they win the primary election and become the official PRD candidate for the general national elections in 2009. Balbina Herrera said the important thing is to fortify party unity in order to leave 7 September 2008 behind triumphantly, and above all she thanked her supporters, friends, and family members for the support they have given her during these months of the primary campaign. The former Housing Minister said that in the 150 days of the campaign have been the hardest of the past eight years, but in any case she feels secure that she will win the primary election in order to guarantee triumph 2009. (more) (Photo Credit: Erick Barrios) (Article Continues and Comments Follow)

Editor's Comment: And now there are only three days to the PRD primary election. Everyone got soaked at these rallies yesterday but it looked like they were having fun and turnouts were good despite the rain. It's now getting down to the point where most people likely have their minds made up, and all of the candidates are making "get out the vote" appeals to their supporters. I still think Juan Carlos Navarro is going to win this election by a very slim margin. But, in order to hedge my bets, I really won't be all that surprised if Balbina ends up winning, either. In fact this has been a very tight race with Balbina leading early but then stumbling, and Juan Carlos Navarro running strong in the stretch but looking a little ragged in the final couple of days. This one could come down to a virtual photo finish with very little space between the two candidates. Hanging chad, anyone?

(Article Continues)

Herrera added that upon winning on Sunday she would make a call to all of the other candidates that ran against her, for them to accompany her in the next presidential elections.

Attending Balbina Herrera's rally were the Director of Panama's National Environmental Authority (ANAM) Ligia Castro, the former Minister of Government and Justice Olga Golcher, and former Minister of Labor Reinaldo Rivera, among other supporters from the party.

For this part, Juan Carlos Navarro said he would help the neediest Panamanians by lowering the highest prices of basic food items, and that he would provide housing solutions to families in Panama City, Colón, and the rest of the country.

The Mayor of Panama City added that upon winning the election he would create a new police organization to combat the high levels of delinquency in the country.

Navarro said he will reform the health care, education, and public transportation systems to offer better services to Panamanian users.

Herrera y Navarro cierran con gran éxito campaña

Yessika Valdés PA-DIGITAL

La precandidata del PRD, Balbina Herrera saluda a sus simpatizantes/Foto Erick Barrios

Con éxito culminó este miércoles el cierre de la campaña de los precandidatos del Partido Democrático Revolucionario (PRD), Balbina Herrera y Juan Carlos Navarro, en el que ambos dieron a conocer sus propuestas al momento que se conviertan en los candidatos oficiales de su partido para las elecciones del 2009.

En primera instancia, la ingeniera Herrera dijo que lo importante es fortalecer la unidad en el partido para salir triunfante el domingo 7 de septiembre y sobre todo le agradece a sus copartidarios, amigos y familiares por el apoyo brindado en estos meses de camapaña.

La ex ministra de Vivienda dijo que en los 150 días de campaña han sido los más fuertes en los últimos ocho años, sin embrago ella se siente segura por la victoria que obtendra en las primarias para garantizar el triunfo 2009.

Herrera añadio que de ganar el domingo va a ser un llamado a todos lo precandidatos que participaron con ella, para que la acompañen en las próximas elecciones presidenciales.

Al cierre de campaña acompañaron a la precandidata, la encargada de la Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente, Ligia Castro; la ex ministra de Gobierno y Justicia, Olgar Golcher; el ex ministro de Trabajo, Reinaldo Rivera entre otros simpatizantes del partido.

Por su parte, Juan Carlos Navarro indicó que apoyará a los más necesitados del país que consiste en bajar los altos precios de la canasta básica y otorgará viviendas a la familias de la ciudad capital, Colón y el resto del país.

El ex Alcalde de Panamá agregó que de ganar las elecciones va a crear una nueva entidad policial que combatirá la alta delincuencia que se vive en todo el país.

Navarro afirmó que reformará el sistema de salud, educación y sobre todo el de transporte público para brindarle un mejor servicio a los usuarios panameños.

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Juan Carlos Navarro and Balbina Herrera Close Campaigns in Panama City
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, September 06 2008 @ 07:50 PM UTC

I hope Balbina is going to win!