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Tuesday, May 21 2019 @ 10:39 PM UTC

Dolega Observatory

Schools & EducationOn September 14 I will be retired here in Dolega for three years. Being an amateur astronomy, I built by roll-off roof observatory which houses an 8 inch Meade telescope. My first observatory I built in Palm Bay, Fl and lived in Brevard County for 34 years. I just came on the web site today and don't know how to send photos yet. Since every who lives in Panama knows about the wet season, the observatory is open through the dry season. Just require a date so I can prepair the program because of the monthly changes of the sky which will save time and can observe more objects. You can contact me at: or call at 776-1421 but if you call, I won't be home and someone will take the message. I live in my observatory. Yes, sleep there and the computer and internet is there also. My hobbies, of course, astronomy, photography, coin collecting and still write Space Shuttle mission reports for the New Zealand Spaceflight Assoc. Would love to hear from anyone on any of these subjects or anything you would like to talk about. If in Dolega, we can have coffee unless it is in the afternoon and might have a Soberana. Thanks to Panama Guide for the chance to give this information out. Ed Case
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