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Monday, May 27 2019 @ 11:22 AM UTC

Supreme Court Levels Ethics Charges Against Two Judges in Adegal Case

CorruptionBy Rafael Rodriguez for La Estrella - The Fourth Room of General Business of the Panamanian Supreme Court (CSJ) decided to accuse, and ordered the formal formulation of charges against the judge of the Second Criminal Court in La Chorrera, Ricardo Mazza, and against the Municipal Court judge of the same district, Violeta Soto, for a supposed lack of ethics in the bankruptcy case of the Adelag Group. A commission comprised of CSJ magistrates Jerónimo Mejía, Adán Arnulfo Arjona and Esmeralda de Troitiño will have to investigate in the General Secretariat because they have been considering the case for 2 years and 11 months. The accused judges should be separated from their positions. In addition, they ordered the destitution of four other employees of the judicial system from different offices. (Comments Follow)

Editor's Comment: More indications that the judicial system is finally actually doing something to clean up corruption in-house. Finally. More, please.

Acusan a jueces de Adelag


Portada Panamá. La Sala Cuarta de Negocios Generales de la Corte Suprema de Justicia (CSJ) decidió acusar, y ordenó levantarle cargos al juez Segundo Penal de La Chorrera, Ricardo Mazza, y a la jueza municipal del mismo distrito, Violeta Soto, por supuestas faltas a la ética en el caso de la quiebra del grupo Adelag.

Una comisión integrada por los magistrados Jerónimo Mejía, Adán Arnulfo Arjona y Esmeralda de Troitiño, deberá investigar en la Secretaría General porqué permanecieron por 2 años y 11 meses varios legajos de ese expediente.

A los jueces acusados se les debe separar del cargo. Además ordena la destitución de otros cuatro funcionarios judiciales de diferentes despachos.

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