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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 03:31 AM EDT

One Dies in Bridge of the Americas Accident

Cars & TransportationLa Critica - The accident occurring on the Bridge of the Americas early this morning already claimed its first victim. Despite efforts by paramedics, a woman who was driving a blue Chevrolet Spark license plate number 474543 died enroute to the hospital. The woman died after having been trapped in the twisted metal of her car. Three other cars were also hit and damaged when the bus from the Ciudad del Futuro route lost control in the rain. The victim was identified as Rosmery Quintero, 24 years old, who was traveling with a child. The child was taken to the Hospital del Niño in stable condition. One of the witnesses said the driver of the bus lost control due to excessive speed, colliding with the vehicles.

Muere conductora en accidente del Puente de las Américas


El accidente que se registró más temprano en el Puente de las Américas ya cobró su primera víctima, a pesar del esfuerzo de los rescatistas la conductora del Chevrolet Spark, color azul, con matrícula 474543, falleció camino al hospital.

La mujer falleció luego de quedar atrapa entre los hierros retorcidos de su vehículo que al igual que otros tres fue impactado por un bus de la ruta Ciudad del Futuro.

La víctima identificada como Rosmery Quintero de 24 años viajaba acompañada de una menor de edad que fue trasladada al Hospital del Niño, donde su estado de salud es estable.

Uno de los testigos señala que el conductor del bus quien conducía a exceso de velocidad perdió el control, colisionando con los vehículos.

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One Dies in Bridge of the Americas Accident
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, September 09 2008 @ 09:40 AM EDT

Its a macho thing here being a bus driver. Drive a big bus honk your horn at everyone and drive like a bat out of Hell. Its a pure wonder that it doesn't happen more often. I feel sorry for the poor woman's child and family.

Ive watch local city bus drivers speed up and get right on the tail end of a motorcycle or car cause the guy cut in front of him. If something would happen its history for the person on the motorcycle or car. I guess he shouldn't have cut in front of me cause I drive a big bus. You think that bus driver feels bad...I doubt it.