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Saturday, May 25 2019 @ 03:56 AM UTC

Thief Killed When Attempting To Steal Handgun

Crime & Punishment By Luis Carlos Rodríguez for La Critica - Jorge Santos Rios (a.k.a. "Miau"), 25 years old, was shot and killed yesterday after trying to steal the service weapon from a security guard working for the Grecinsa company who was guarding a truck distributing cigarettes, in front of the Jose Chen mini supermarket located in the Las Colinas neighborhood of Las Cumbres in the area of Alcalde Diaz. "Miau" struggled with the security guard and then fired two shots at him, but the guard was not affected because he was wearing his bullet proof vest. The guard then returned fire at Santos Rios, hitting him five times, knocking him to the pavement. (Photo Credit: Miguel Cavalli / EPASA)

Editor's Comment: Have you got a gun? If you do, try to keep the existence of that weapon a tightly guarded family secret. The "bad guys" out there would love to steal it from you in order to continue their crime wave. As a matter of fact they would not hesitate to shoot you first in order to take it from you. Security guards are routinely targeted because they are out on the street, they wear their sidearms where they are easily seen, and they very often follow set routes or established patterns of conduct so they are easily targeted. Whatever you do, don't advertise the fact that you're armed thinking it will deter the bad guys - in fact that will have the opposite effect. If you ever find yourself in the position of having to use it, you want the weapon to be a complete and total surprise for the bad guys. And above all, be safe.

Iba a robar

Luis Carlos Rodríguez | Crítica en Línea

Fue abatido a tiros cuando intentaba desarmar a un agente de seguridad. (Foto Miguel Cavalli / EPASA)

Jorge Santos Ríos, alias "Miau", de 25 años, fue abatido ayer a tiros cuando intentaba desarmar a un agente de seguridad de la empresa Grecinsa, que custodiaba un camión de distribución de cigarrillos, frente al Minisúper José Chen, ubicado en la barriada Las Colinas de Las Cumbres, en el corregimiento de Alcalde Díaz.

"Miau" forcejeó con el seguridad y hasta logró propinarle dos disparos, que no afectaron al agente que portaba chaleco de seguridad. Luego, el custodio logró descargar cinco tiros a Santos Ríos, quien quedó tendido en el pavimento.

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