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Saturday, May 25 2019 @ 11:45 AM UTC

Kim Crofts murdered in Panama

Crime & Punishment By Gary Stivers for Sun Valley Online - Kim Crofts, at right, died Friday in Panama where this picture was taken. Crofts was a cherished resident of the Wood River Valley for most of his adult life. He poses with wife Mary Austin Crofts, his wife and the creator of public recreation in Blaine County. Photo: Courtesy Dave Kier, Blaine County Recreation. A number of emails from shocked local residents have come to this reporter noting the assassination of longtime Wood River Valley resident and recent Panama émigré Kim Crofts last Friday night, September 12. (more)

Here's a note from Mary Austin Crofts sent Sunday, still wracked with grief, I'm sure.

  • Subject: Tragedy in Panama

  • Dearest friends and family,

  • On Friday evening, an intruder came into our home while we were asleep. Kim woke first and challenged him and then chased and tried to catch him. The intruder had a gun and began shooting at Kim, but Kim wouldn't stop. Kim collapsed and died as the intruder fled down the stairs and into the forest.

  • I have lost the love of my life.

  • I remain nearly paralyzed and without sleep. I do have a circle of friends and a support group that is helping me every minute. They came that evening and waited through the long ordeal of police investigations and interrogations. It went on all day yesterday as well.

  • Many of you will have no idea how much Kim is loved by the people here. Everyone loved Mr. Keen. He was always kind and generous, outgoing and friendly. This was his dream and our home his dream house. We had an incredible happy life building our beautiful garden and home and the daily routines were simply a joy.

  • I have no idea how I will ever get through this. People with me who know more about grief than I do tell me to stay in the present right now and just get through minute by minute. It is the hardest event in my life that I have ever faced.

  • After the past 36 hours of having police searching our home, analyzing the data and interrogating me, (as a suspect) a conclusion by one of them is that Kim probably saved my life by doing what he did. That would be just like him.

  • I do know one thing. As soon as I get things under control here I am coming back to be with my family and friends.

  • Please pray for me.

  • Sending much love, Mary
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