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Friday, May 24 2019 @ 01:42 PM UTC

Panamanian Government Invests in Intelligence Equipment and Software

Safety & SecurityBy Mónica Palm for La Prensa - The Council of Public Security and the National Police have directly purchased electronic equipment "related to the security of the citizens and the State,” for more than $557,212 dollars. The purchase includes software for “locating targets," to "administer monitoring data” and “to analyze communications.” One of the pieces of equipment is compatible with the Telcel and Movistar networks. In October 2007 the Security Council inquired with the companies Interamerican Police Security and Consitrade. In May and June 2008 The direct acquisition of the equipment was disclosed via the `Panama compra' website. In August 2008 the national government approved the new laws related to state security. (Comments Follow)

Editor's Comment: This is a purchase of equipment and software to better collect intelligence and to improve management of that intelligence information. In the grand scheme of things, a buy of only $500,000 is not very big at all. Obviously the Panamanian citizens are worried that this these kinds of things will be used against them, but in fact the Panamanian government is in the eye of a cocaine hurricane and they need all the help they can get to continue to improve their effectiveness against organized crime and the flow of cocaine through the country. The "locating targets" reference sounds like Direction Finding (DF) equipment which will most likely be used to find drug smuggling go-fast boats at sea. Who knows, really - there's all kinds of technology out there that's available for law enforcement use. When it comes to interactions between the intelligence community and the public, the watchword is oversight by outside organizations and agencies, the more the merrier.

‘Seguridad ciudadana y del estado’.

Gobierno compra equipos para ‘localizar objetivos’

Mónica Palm El Consejo de Seguridad Pública y la Policía Nacional compraron de forma directa equipo electrónico “relacionado con la seguridad ciudadana y del Estado”, por más de 557 mil 212 dólares. La compra incluye softwares para “localizar objetivos”, “administrar datos de vigilancia” y “analizar comunicaciones”. Uno de los aparatos es compatible con las redes de Telcel y Movistar. La transacción .OCT. 2007: Consejo de Seguridad se informa con los proveedores Interamerican Police Security y Consitrade. .MAYO-JUNIO 2008: ‘Panamacompra’ divulga la adquisición, por la vía directa. .AGOSTO 2008: Aprueban decretos ley sobre seguridad.

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