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Saturday, June 23 2018 @ 07:29 PM EDT

Balbina Herrera Refuses To Pledge to Countermand Executive Decrees

Politics By Leonardo Flores for La Prensa - The intention of the Citizen's Democracy Network to pressure all candidates for president to commit to countermand the executive orders on public security approved by the Executive Cabinet found their first stumbling block. Yesterday the presidential candidate for the Partido Revolucionario Democrático (PRD), Balbina Herrera, said she would not sign the “Citizen Declaration” that the Network took to the Defensoria del Pueblo. This “Citizen Declaration” has already been signed by two presidential candidates, Guillermo Endara and Ricardo Martinelli, and Juan Carlos Varela has pledged to sign it as well.

Editor's Comment: Interesting. Lately I've been hearing something Balbina Herrera said during the Noriega years being repeated often when Panamanians discuss the developing political spectrum - "Civilista Visto, Civilista Muerto." Back in the late 1980's when there was a growing tide of resistance to the military regime of General Manuel Antonio Noriega, the people who organized and participated in the street protests were called "civilistas." They wore white shirts and banged on pots and pans to make as much of a ruckus as they could. Balbina Herrera was the Mayor of San Miguelito at that time, and she became famous for threatening to kill civilistas on sight. She was quoted as having said "Civilista Visto, Civilista Muerto", meaning "Civilista seen, civilista dead." Balbina Herrera makes the common Panamanian very, very uncomfortable. As a lawmaker in the National Assembly or even as the Minister of Housing her power was relatively limited. But as the President of Panama her ability to cause problems would be greatly expanded. And of course she's not going to sign this "Citizen's Declaration" which is being organized and promoted by the exact same civilista movement that ended the Noriega regime. As a matter of fact you could probably say she would never be caught dead signing such a document. (grin)


Herrera no firmará ‘Declaración’

Leonardo Flores

Las intenciones de la Red Democracia Ciudadana de que los candidatos presidenciales se comprometan a derogar los decretos ley sobre la seguridad pública aprobados por el Gabinete encontró su primer escollo.

Ayer, la candidata presidencial del gobernante Partido Revolucionario Democrático, Balbina Herrera, aseguró que no firmará la “Declaración Ciudadana” que llevó la Red a la Defensoría del Pueblo.

La “Declaración Ciudadana” ya fue firmada por los candidatos Guillermo Endara y Ricardo Martinelli. En tanto, Juan Carlos Varela prometió sumarse.

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