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Saturday, May 25 2019 @ 11:22 AM UTC

One Killed, Two Captured - And Two Escaped Prisoners Remain Fugitives

Crime & PunishmentBy MEREDITH SERRACÍN for La Critica - After having escaped from the La Joyita penitentiary center last Saturday, the criminal Federico Usagaa García who was in prison for murder, died in the early morning hours after having been shot several times. Usagaa's body was found in tall grass near Utivé in Pacora, whereas Luis Alzamora Perez, another one of the escaped fugitives, was taken to the Santo Tomas hospital with one bullet wound in the thigh and another in the right shoulder blade. It is presumed that Usagaa and Alzamora along with another escaped fugitive José Reyes Rentería Alvarado (murder) were hiding in the tall grass and that they tried to steal a car to escape from the area. Although several hypotheses are possible of what happened, the authorities are conducting the pertinent investigations to determine exactly what happened. Starting very early today various units from different elements of state security are conducting an exhaustive search to find the two remaining escaped fugitives José Reyes Rentería Alvarado and Tomás Guerra. The fugitives escaped from La Joyita at 8:00 am last Saturday.

Editor's Comment: Hey, what about that. It looks like the group of escaped convicts tried to jack a car out near Pacora and got shot by the owner. Go figure.

Muere prófugo de La Joyita



Luego de escaparse el pasado sábado del centro penitenciario La Joyita, el reo Federico Usagaa García sindicado por homicidio, falleció en horas de la madrugada tras recibir varios impactos de bala en su cuerpo.

El cuerpo de Usagaa fue encontrado entre herbazales en el sector de Utivé en Pacora, mientras que Luis Alzamora Pérez, otro de los prófugo, fue trasladado al Hospital Santo Tomás con una herida de bala en el muslo y otra en el omoplato derecho.

Se presume que Usaga y Alzamora junto a José Reyes Rentería Alvarado, sindicado por homicidio, se encontraban escondidos en los herbazales e intentaron robar un vehículo para salir del lugar.

Aunque se manejan varias hipótesis, las autoridades realizan las investigaciones pertinentes para determinar el móvil del hecho.

Desde muy temprano unidades de los distintos estamentos de seguridad desarrollan un dispositivo de búsqueda para dar con el paradero de lo reos José Reyes Rentería Alvarado y Tomás Guerra que aún se mantienen prófugos .

Los privados de libertad se fugaron el pasado sábado a las 8:00 a.m.

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