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Thursday, May 23 2019 @ 05:42 PM UTC

800 Inmet Mine Wokers Laid Off In La Pintada

Gold & MiningBy Diógenes Santamaría for La Critica - There is uncertainty before the announcement of the firing of more than 800 workers from the Petaquilla mining project in the district of La Pintada, after the sale of actions in that company to the Canadian company Inmet Mining Corp. The Secretary General of the Mine Wokers Union (SINTRAPETAQUILLA), Eddy Rosas, said that the new company would only keep some 150 employees to realize work related to obtaining an environmental impact study. "The company decided to stop all work related to the construction of mines in the sector of Los Molejones, the place where the veins of copper were found, in order to start the construction of a new mine in the end of 2010." For her part the Regional Director of Labor, Yira Leiva de Real, said that in her office she has not received any requests for massive layoffs from the new mining company, and that she understands there have been extrajudicial requests for negotiations to come to mutual agreements.

Editor's Comment: Petaquilla sold off the copper portion of their concession to Inmet and will focus on bringing the gold mine part of their operation online. These workers now belong to Inmet (not Petaquilla), and apparently this company is going to greatly reduce their staff and begin work to obtain environmental impact studies to bring the copper mine to operation. But more importantly - check the numbers. 800 employees - this is why mining is important to Panama. It's possible to mine the resources while mitigating environmental damage.

Trabajadores de Petaquilla temen despido masivo

Diógenes Santamaría | Aguadulce, Crítica en Línea

Petaquilla .

Hay incertidumbre ante el anuncio del despido de más de ochocientos trabajadores de la empresa minera Petaquilla en el distrito de La Pintada, luego de la venta de acciones a la empresa canadiense Inmetmining Corp.

El secretario general del Sindicato de Trabajadores de las Minas (SINTRAPETAQUILLA), Eddy Rosas, asegura que la nueva empresa solo se quedará con unos ciento cincuenta empleados que realizarán labores para los estudios de impacto ambiental.

"La empresa decidió parar todas las labores de la construcción de las minas en el sector de Los Molejones, lugar en donde se encuentran las vetas de cobre, para iniciar las construcción de la nueva mina a finales del 2010."

Por su parte, la directora Regional de Trabajo, Yira Leiva de Real, manifestó que en su despacho no se ha recibido ningún pliego de peticiones para despidos masivos por parte de la nueva empresa minera, lo que sabe es que se han hecho peticiones extrajudiciales para negociaciones por la vía del mutuo acuerdo.

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