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Thursday, October 18 2018 @ 04:57 AM UTC

Starting To Think Two Americans Were Not Kidnapped

Crime & Punishment

By DON WINNER for - I'm starting to think the story about two Americans being kidnapped over the weekend near Bugaba in Chiriqui is bogus information. I received this via email today: "Hi, Don. The locals here heard the report on the radio. No one up here knows who was kidnapped. We've checked around and no one is missing. The radio said they were tourists, but we all know just how many people leave and come back for years. There have been lots of road checks up here and on the interamerican on the way to David. No other news has eeked out. Betsy." A friend is currently on his way to talk to the local prosecutor in Bugaba who is supposedly handling the case, so shortly (hopefully) I'll have a better handle on this. Right now I'm still trying to confirm question #1 - did this event actually occur, or not?

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