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Thursday, October 18 2018 @ 05:07 AM UTC

There Was A Kidnapping, Probably Not Gringos...

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By DON WINNER for - Ha! The other day when I called the prosecutor in Bugaba, Lic. Carlos Gonzalez, he refused to answer any questions regarding the supposed kidnapping of two American tourists who, according to Telemetro, were stopped and abducted on Sunday as they returned from a day at the beach. I explained who I was, what I was doing, why I was interested, and that I was a reporter calling from Panama City. Lic. Gonzalez said (rather smugly) that if I wanted to go up there and talk to him face to face then he would be happy to answer my questions. He was assuming the chances of me taking the time to drive up there to talk with him about the case were slim. He also obviously had a case and was investigating something. He did not want to answer any questions over the telephone, and he also was very concerned about any information on the case getting into the press and possibly damaging his ongoing investigation. He was keeping his cards very close to his chest. Yesterday I received a call from Bob Hatting who lives in the area, and he agreed to drop in on the good offices of Lic. Carlos Gonzalez this afternoon to ask a few questions... (grin) (more)

Bob Can Tell It Just Fine:

  • Don,

  • The personaeria primera de Bugaba, Carlos Gonzales, continues to stonewall on this kidnapping case. He was very surprised to see a Gringo asking questions about the affair and suggested that any further queries be made through channels in Panama.

  • Well, it's what he didn't say that suggests there is an interesting story here. The people kidnapped were not Gringos - he made that perfectly clear. He also said this is a very delicate case and he could not divulge any details.

  • When I asked if the victims were Panamanian, he went stoic. I heard another guy in the room whisper "extranjeros" (foreigners). I assume he was referring to the victims. But, hell, he could have been clearing his throat.

  • This is what I gleaned for sure; There was a kidnapping. The victims were not Gringos and that the case is very sensitive. Maybe the victims were foreigners, maybe even Colombian. Maybe the Kidnappers were Colombian as well. I'll bet large quantities of drugs and or cash is the backdrop for this drama.

  • I guess time and some digging with your usual informants may break this story. I'll have my contacts kick over a few rocks and see what I can submit. Mostly rumor, however.

  • Good luck on that end. Bob

Probably Not Americans: At this point if I had to make a bet, based on this information it looks like there was in fact a kidnapping, the victims were foreigners, but they probably were not Americans. OK, I can live with that for now. My next question - what country were the kidnapped foreigners from? In any case, thanks for making the run, Bob. Very much appreciated...

Copyright 2008 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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