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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 01:24 pm EDT

Mallas de Panama - Screen Enclosures for Better Living

Construction & Interiors Built with the understanding that "The Customer is King" and that nothing is impossible, Hansen offers their clients more than just a barrier against insects and debris, but provides a space adding to the grace and elegance of the home to which it is attached. Our screens do, in fact, provide excellent protection from biting insects which can be a distraction and nuisance, taking away from what would otherwise be a perfect evening. Our screens also provide protection from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays, screening out 30% to 50%. Our screened in enclosures also extend the available living space of your home and allow you to share the outdoors. We utilize the most advanced construction techniques in the in the industry, and our Powder Coated Structural Aluminum components provide years of maintenance free use. (more)

Revolutionary New Materials: Our screen enclosures are built using a new revolutionary screen constructed from PVC instead of Fiberglass. Built to last, it is the only screen available in the industry that comes with a 10-year manufactures warranty. After a 7 year weathering test, Super Screen® lost only 1% of original strength! It is virtually unaffected by sun exposure and age. This equates to a 20 year or more lifespan! The UV tolerant properties of Super Screen® eliminate fading, flaking and brittleness. And, being incredibly strong, it exceeds Section 553.73 of the Florida Building Code for pool fencing!

Resistant to pet damage, wind blown debris, and falling objects!

Key Benefits of a Screen Enclosure: First and foremost, our screen enclosures provide protection from flying insects. Pool covered by our screens require less maintenance and they use less chemicals to maintain water quality. Our screens also provide a bit of privacy against people looking in while still rendering near 100% visibility looking out. You can also use our screen enclosures to personalize the style of your home. We have designs that blend with the aesthetics of your home becoming a functional and pleasant part of the facade. 16/14 mesh for clearest viewing with protection from mosquitoes, etc. and 17/20 mesh for protection from the smallest insects while still maintaining a view with little to no distortion. Both mesh sizes block a proportional amount of UV rays.

Now In Panama: Hansen Panama, established in 2007, comes from the Parent company Hansen Screen Enclosures Inc. established in Florida in 1988. From our beginning we have been involved in the development of aluminum structures with screens for insect control. Today with the advances in engineering and the science of polymeric plastics we offer a lifetime product.

Company Profile: We have provided our services to Southwest Florida as well as many other areas in the United States and around the world. Hansen Screen Enclosures, Inc. is an active member of the Florida Aluminum Association. We stay abreast of new advances in technology and we provide superior service to our customers, for example through the integration of the latest measuring devices into a complex CAD design and fabrication procedure allowing for less than 1/16" tolerances. We provide on-time service and no nonsense pricing and scheduling. Our team has worked together for many years and our employees pride themselves in Quality Designs and Customer Satisfaction of the Hansen Screen Enclosures. We provide:

  • Two to Ten Year Warranties

  • State of the Art Customer Friendly Detailed Estimating

  • Cutting Edge Equipment in Measuring and Design

  • Highest Quality of Materials with Superior Long Lasting Coating

  • Exceed all Standard Codes in Final and Finished Products

  • Highest Cost and Quantity of Fastening Hardware

  • Superior Customer Satisfaction

  • Reliable Fast Service

  • Control Environment with Tight Tolerance Fabrication

What We Do: The purpose and mission of our company is to seal your house from insects at the same time expand the living space, opening the home to the fresh air. We have the strongest and longest lasting screen on the market and it is almost invisible. The installation is modern and permanent. During the evaluation of your home we look at all possible areas for ventilation and design the screen installation to maximize airflow.

Contact Information: Please feel free to contact us for further information or a quote:

  • Point of Contact: Erik M. Hansen

  • Telephone in Panama: +011 (507) 392-0301

  • Fax: +011 (507) 392-0300

  • Cellular: +011 (507) 6826-8125

  • Via Email:

  • Visit Our Websites:,, and

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