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Sunday, April 22 2018 @ 03:53 PM EDT

Bocas del Toro, Tourism, and Geography

Travel & TourismBocas del Toro along with other areas of Panama made local news recently, due to flooding and heavy rains from a stalled storm front. The news typically mentions Bocas del Toro, but people outside of Bocas do not realize that both the Province (a huge area) and the main tourist town on Isla Colon, both have the same name. It's like saying, "I live in New York, New York". When tourists hear the name Bocas mentioned they think of the town, when the news media may be referring to and in this case was referring to the Province. There was damage due to flooding and mudslides in the mainland portion of the Province, but all the tourist activities generally occur in the islands. The recent storms caused minimal problems in the town of Bocas,but many problems in the rest of the Province. The town of Bocas was up and running as soon as the airlines felt confident to fly again and gasoline was delivered. There was never a loss of power, water, or a shortage of food (except for vegetarians) in the town. All hotels, restaurants, and tour companies are fully operational. We welcome you to come and experience the magic of Bocas Town and the surrounding islands and to be able to proudly say, "Columbus Slept Here"!
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