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Panama Corporate Living - Your Home Away From Home

Professional ServicesPanama Corporate Living offers short term rentals of fully furnished apartments in the Republic of Panama to traveling managers and company executives, relocating employees, medical professionals, and leisure travelers. For over 15 years Wolff Services has specialized in corporate housing. Panama Corporate Living is a member of the Wolff Group of Companies, offering the same exceptional management, quality and service that has been our reputation. We have provided services for most of the major international corporate housing and relocation companies. Panama Corporate Living, offers a comprehensive approach to the evolving needs of the employee, individual or company, and help you respond to a world that now does business everywhere. (more)

The Short-Term Housing solutions offered by Panama Corporate Living provide comfortable and fully furnished accommodations to business and leisure travelers in the Republic of Panama.

What is corporate housing? Corporate housing is defined as fully furnished and equipped apartments with housewares, linens, public services, high-speed internet access and other available optional services. Unlike hotel or apt-hotels, the lengths of typical corporate housing stays are a minimum of 30 days. In recent years the corporate housing industry has grown into a $2.95 billion industry in the United States alone. However, corporate housing involves much more than a completely furnished apartment - it includes a range of services and assistance that can make or break the experience of relocating to a new country for a new job or spending time on a shorter-term project.

Anyone needing Temporary Housing in the Republic of Panama can rely on Panama Corporate Living to provide fully furnished and comfortable apartments in Panama City.

Corporate housing is often used for two major functions: temporary living when a transferring employee is between homes, and temporary assignments, whether it is for training, consulting, or an extended project. In a relocation, the goal of the corporate housing company is to provide temporary accommodations that will ease the transition between the old location and the new. In this situation, a corporate apartment is designed to assist a transferring employee, and possibly his or her family, in adjusting to the new area so that he or she can be productive in the new office—all while finding a new permanent home. There has been an increase in the utilization of corporate housing for relocation, because companies are moving more people internationally. Because of the length of time household goods shipments can take overseas, transferees spend time in temporary housing before they can move to their new permanent homes. Corporate housing is also used for short-term assignments.

The Furnished Apartments offered by Panama Corporate Living include ammenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer in each apartment, closet organizers, air conditioners in each room, all utilities included, all linens and housewares included, High Speed Internet included, free unlimited local land-line calls, weekly housekeeping included, and a 24-hour guest service contact.

Short-term assignments may involve internships, training, consulting, or information technology maintenance. In addition to providing a level of comfort for these interim employees when they are not onsite, corporate apartments tend to be far more cost effective than renting a hotel room for several weeks or even months. The bottom line is that corporate housing is the perfect choice for companies concerned about travel expenditures. Whether it is for special projects or relocations or just business travel, corporate housing tends to be a cost savings over high-end comparable hotels.

Panama Corporate Living offers Corporate Housing alternatives in the heart of Panama City.

Leisure Travelers: Whether you are retiring or just visiting Panama, stay with Panama Corporate Living in our temporary housing apartments and enjoy a home away from your own. If you want to experience living in Panama before you decide to retire here you can come stay in one of our fully furnished apartments. Experience what living in Panama really means. You can explore the area, meet the neighbors, cook your own meals and live like a local. If you have already decided to move to Panama and are waiting for your new apartment to be ready you can stay in a full-size fully equipped apartment until you are ready to move in to your own new home.

Looking for a Hotel Alternative? The Furnished Corporate Rental accommodations offered by Panama Corporate Living are clean, safe, affordable, and comfortable.

Corporate Travelers: Are you a business traveler? If you are, then you know how demanding it can be. Well, it just got a lot more comfortable with Panama Corporate Living. Our corporate apartments offer the convenience of a hotel and the living space of home. Enjoy our comfortable furnishings, full-size, fully-equipped kitchens, separate bedroom, living room and dining area. (High speed internet is offered in every location, and in apartment washer and dryer, cable and phone.) Now you can travel and RELAX. Whether you're here for 30 nights or 6 months we have the space. So unwind, put your feet up and feel at home. We'll take care of the details.

Panama Corporate Living offers Extended Stay or Interim Housing alternatives in some of Panama's best apartment buildings.

Relocation? Relocating yourself or an employee can be daunting. Let Panama Corporate Living take care of the challenges for you. With our comprehensive services, we can help. During the interim our corporate housing apartments are a perfect place to call home. Our upper-end communities give a new name to apartment living. Most communities provide a pool, social areas and exercise facility.

Most of the Executive Housing for Corporate Living options offered by Panama Corporate Living include socials areas with a pool and exercise facilities.

Medical Professionals: As a medical professional, you understand that finding a place to live temporarily is not only difficult, but critical. At Panama Corporate Living, we have extensive experience accommodating hospitals and traveling medical professionals. With flexible housing options, we can meet just about any need. We understand that distance and response time is imperative. A number of our fully furnished corporate apartments are close to major hospitals and medical facilities, some within walking distance and others within a few miles. With Panama Corporate Living, now home is just a few steps away. We would be happy to arrange a tour of our apartment communities to ensure comfort, distance and security.

In Panama these kinds of facilities are called Apart-hotel, Aparthotel, or Serviced Apartments.

One key cost saving feature is the availability of a kitchen with cooking utensils. This is a cost saver for corporations. Instead of eating out or calling room service and billing it back to the company, transferees purchase food and make their own meals in corporate apartments. For a relocating employee, this can be beneficial in acclimating to the neighborhood—finding local places to shop for household necessities. For an employee on short-term assignment, making one’s own meals can bring comfort and remind the employee of his or her own home. In general, the additional space of a corporate apartment is quite welcoming compared to the confines of a hotel room—many transferees highly value having more than one room, especially when they are in temporary living for more than a month. Corporate housing providers usually also are able to customize apartments for each guest.

Many corporate apartments also provide access to fitness centers, laundry facilities, and business centers. In addition, an employee and family that stay in a corporate apartment near the area where they are attempting to find more permanent living arrangements can familiarize themselves with the area, the children will be close to their school choice and various registration needs will be easier to obtain.

Consistency is a large advantage of a corporate housing provider. We provide consistency in our service delivery, consistency in billing—the arrangements are through a direct billing feature. Even more important, it’s having a place where you know your personnel are going to be comfortable. Things are provided for them, whether it’s the cooking package or maid service. Corporate housing and the services we provide help facilitate that smooth transition from one location to the next. Although cost effectiveness usually is considered by corporations the top advantage for utilizing corporate housing, reducing the soft costs of employee inefficiency and stress are probably the most important.

Panama Corporate Living, through its affiliation with U.S. based Wolff Corporate Housing, has brought over 15 years of corporate housing experience to Central America. We opened our first corporate apartments in Panama City, Panama and have grown rapidly as companies learn about our alternative to Hotels and Apartment-Hotels. At Panama Corporate Living, we have built our business model on quality housing, responsiveness and follow-up to client needs. This top level of customer service has been well-received by our clients in Panama.

US based companies feel more comfortable working with Panama Corporate Living because it is administered by an established U.S. based corporate housing company that is a member of the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) and Employee Relocation Council (ERC).

Reservation and billing can be handled locally in Panama as well as in the U.S.

In today’s fast paced business world, we all strive to balance work and home. Panama Corporate Living provides the environment to balance one’s work life and home life while relocating or on assignment. Panama Corporate Living is perfect for projects and business travel and essential for relocations.

Advantages of Panama Corporate Living (PCL):

  • PCL is a hotel alternative for Short and Medium-term stays.

  • PCL offers, safe, comfortable and private apartments in convenient places to call a home away from home with the advantage of 3 to 4 times the space of a hotel room.

  • PCL offers, 1-2-3 bedroom, completely furnished apartments with linens, fully equipped kitchen, high-speed internet, housekeeping, cable TV, local phone, electric, gas, water and washer & dryer.

Feedback: "We appreciate the genuine hospitality afforded our new employees and the flexibility often required with relocating families. Thank you for all your support and for providing the highest caliber of temporary living accommodations in Panama."

Corporate Housing: A comfortable home while away from your own. Comfort, security and privacy; Relax be at home. Corporate housing offers all the conveniences of home. As a guest of Panama Corporate Living, you can expect almost three times larger living space than a hotel or extended stay facility. Our affordable and comfortable apartments are fully furnished with a full-size, fully-equipped kitchen, linens, all utilities included, cable TV, high speed internet access and more. Need a third bedroom? No problem. At Panama Corporate Living our typical corporate apartment is located within a tower community that has many amenities. Lounge by the pool or get in an early morning workout at the fitness center. A washer and dryer in the apartment is standard. Most apartments, include secured, assigned covered parking.

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