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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 02:36 PM EDT

ATTT Begins $25,000 Payments To Park "Diablo Rojo" Buses

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By DON WINNER for - Yesterday Panama's Ground Transit and Transportation Authority (ATTT) made the first payments of $25,000 per bus to the owners of "Diablo Rojo" buses as part of a plan to upgrade and improve the mass transit system in Panama City. To date an estimate 1,250 bus owners have submitted the requisite paperwork to qualify for the payments. As part of the deal, once the bus owners receive the $25,000 payment for their bus, the vehicle must be immediately parked and taken out of circulation. This program could eventually cost the Panamanian government more than $31 million dollars to take all of the Diablo Rojo buses off of the road. In a few weeks the government will decide who will provide 420 new buses as a further step to improve and upgrade mass transportation in Panama City.

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