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Sunday, September 22 2019 @ 09:22 pm EDT

Unemployment in Panama Down To 5.6% in 2008

Employment & Jobs Telemetro Reporta - Unemployment in Panama dropped to 5.6% in 2008 according to the Ministry of Labor, and they estimate that in 2009 the Panamanian economy will maintain the conditions necessary to continue to generate new jobs. "One should not fear an apocalyptic scenario because there are conditions to generate dignified and decent jobs," said Labor Minister Benjamin Salamín today, Wednesday, making reference to the international financial crisis. Salamín said unemployment in Panama was at 14% in 2004 and that it has been continuously lowering. "2008 closed with an unemployment level of 5.6% which is very positive - it means approximately 215,218 new jobs have been created in the country," he said. The economic activities that have contributed more to the creation of new jobs are commerce, construction, and tourism among others. The government has said sustained growth of the economy based on public and private investment has allowed Panama's poor access to new jobs. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: Even if you don't like the PRD, you have to applaud the way the administration of Martin Torrijos has handled the Panamanian economy. If you told me in 2004 that unemployment would drop to 5.6% by the end of 2008 I would have accused you of dropping acid. Understand that just four or five years ago the Panamanian economy was in a "crisis." There was no construction going on, the economy was basically shut down with very low levels of relatively stagnant growth, and no one had any money to spend on anything but the basics. There was an entire television comedy series called "La Familia Crisis" (The Crisis Family) in which they poked fun at all of the different ways that people who used to have money were coping with the fact that they are now broke and that they could no longer support the lifestyles they had become accustomed to. And that's just recent history - forget what it was like back in the late 1980's under Manuel Noriega. What absolutely clear is that the Panamanian economy has rarely, if ever, been on better footing than it is now. The international economy will take some serious hits, but everything indicates Panama will be in an excellent position to weather most of the storm just fine. Expect unemployment to shrink even more in 2009 as the economy continues to grow and even more jobs are created - global crisis or not. Desempleo bajó a 5,6 por ciento en Panamá el 2008 Por : Agencia AP Las actividades que más contribuyeron a la generación de puestos de trabajo fueron el comercio, la construcción y otras. Foto/AFP PANAMA (AP). El desempleo en Panamá se redujo a 5,6% en el 2008 informó el Ministerio de Trabajo al estimar que en el 2009 la economía panameña mantendría las condiciones para seguir generando empleos. "No se debe temer ante un escenario apocalíptico porque hay condiciones para generar empleos dignos y decentes", dijo el ministro de Trabajo Benjamín Salamín, hoy miércoles, en referencia a la crisis financiera internacional. El funcionario recordó que en el 2004, el desempleo en Panamá era de un 14%, pero fue bajando sostenidamente. "El 2008 cerró con un 5,6% de desempleo lo cual es muy positivo, eso significa que se han creado aproximadamente más de 215.218 mil nuevos empleos en el país", señaló. Las actividades que más contribuyeron a la generación de puestos de trabajo fueron el comercio, la construcción, el sector de las construcciones y el turismo entre otras. El gobierno ha dicho que el crecimiento sostenido de la economía fundamentado en la inversión pública y privada ha permitido a la clase humilde acceder a empleos.

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