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Wednesday, August 22 2018 @ 04:17 AM EDT

Nobody Supports Miguel Antonio Bernal

By Meredith Serracín for the Panama America - Panama City mayoral candidate Miguel Antonio Bernal said he does not support any presidential candidate, and that none of the candidates have offered their support to him. Bernal, who said he feels satisfied with the work he's accomplished thus far and that he feels confident he will win the 3 May election. According to the recent Dichter & Neira polling data Bernal is receiving only 12.9% support, and he said that these kinds of polls are necessary and one should take them for what they are, a snapshot of the moment. "The people are tired and I'm going to do away with the monopoly of partisan politics that has prevailed during the recent years in the mayorship of Panama City," he said. According to the Dichter & Neira survey, Bernal scored below the PRD candidate Bobby Velasquez and Panameñista party candidate Bosco Vallarino. Velasquez, in spite losing some of his lead, still heads the polling data with 46.8%, followed by Bosco Vallarino with 32.1%. According to the same poll, the candidate for the Cambio Democratico party Ricardo Martinelli leads with 44.3%, followed by the pro-government candidate Balbina Herrera with 31.3%, Juan Carlos Varela with 14.1% and Guillermo Endara with 2.5%. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: Bernal probably doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning this election. He will stick around until the end and come in third. His candidacy is taking air out of Bosco Vallarino's tires, and Bobby Velasquez is relatively popular and well supported. In this race I'm predicting the candidates will most likely finish in the same order as the current polling data. So, the Mayor's race is pretty much set. Want to know where some really interesting battles will be fought? Over the seats in the National Assembly. Will Ricardo Martinelli be able to put together enough support in order to be able to control the National Assembly? I seriously doubt it, unless there are a whole raft of new guys out there that can ride his coattails into this election. The National Assembly is currently dominated by the PRD and the Panameñista's - both of which will be left out in the cold after 3 May.

Bernal , "No apoyo a ningún candidato presidencial"

Meredith Serracín PA-DIGITAL

Miguel Antonio Bernal.Foto:Archivo.

El candidato a la alcaldía capitalina, Miguel Antonio Bernal, dijo que no apoya a ningún candidato presidencial, de la misma manera que niguno le ha brindado su respaldo.

Bernal, señaló que se siente satisfecho con el trabajo alcanzado hasta el momento y además se manifestó seguro de su victoria el próximo 3 de mayo.

El jurista y candidato, quien marcó un 12.9% de preferencia según la encuesta realizada por Dichter& Neira, respondió que esta clase de sondeos hay que tomarlos como lo que son, una fotografía del momento.

"El pueblo esta cansado y yo voy acabar con el monopolio partidistas que ha prevalecido durante el últimos años en la alcaldía capitalina", aseguró Bernal.

Según la encuesta Dichter & Neira, Bernal marcó por debajo de los candidatos del partido PRD, Roberto Velásquez y Bosco Vallarino del partido Panameñista.

Velásquez, a pesar de bajar algunos puntos se mantiene liderizando la encuesta Dichter & Neira con un 46.8%, seguido de Bosco Vallarino con 32.1%.

De acuerdo con el mismo sondeo, el candidadto de Cambio democrático,Ricardo Martinelli, se mantiene a la cabeza con un 44.3%, seguido de la candidata oficialista Balbina Herrera, que marco un 31.3% y Juan Carlos Varela y Guillermo Endara con un 14.1% y 2.5 % respectivamente.

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