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Wednesday, August 22 2018 @ 04:17 AM EDT

New "Grand Opposition Alliance" Will Help Martinelli (Poll)


By DON WINNER for - Yesterday Telemetro Reporta conducted a poll via telephone, asking people if they think Ricardo Martinelli would get more or less votes, thanks to the recently formed "Grand Opposition Alliance" between the Cambio Democratico and Panameńista political parties. 61% of 400 people asked said they thought Martinelli would get more votes, 25% said they thought he would get less votes, 9% thought there would be no effect, and 5% said they didn't know or didn't want to respond. It's a good question, really, because there is the possibility for a downside risk for Martinelli in joining forces with the Panameńistas. He's been banging away on them for years, and his primary position is for "change," so it's hard to change when you've just absorbed one of Panama's oldest, largest, and most established parties. But this question will only be valid for a couple of weeks or so, and soon new polling data will firm up, based on just two primary candidates running to be Panama's next president. This is now clearly a two dog race between Martinelli and Balbina Herrera, with Endara as an "also ran" who should have no practical impact on the end result. Oh, and the 25% who said Martinelli would get less votes are probably going to vote for Balbina Herrera.

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