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Sunday, April 21 2019 @ 08:56 PM UTC

Four FARC Guerrillas Turn Themselves In to Panamanian Border Authorities

Drug Trafficking By WILLIAM SALA for La Prensa - Four guerrillas from the 57th Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) gave themselves up to authorities from the Panamanian National Border Service yesterday in the town of Jaqué in Panama's remote Darién province near the border with Colombia, confirmed an official source. According to the source, the upon turning themselves in the guerrillas said that they "no longer wanted to continue being narco-guerrillas." Panama is coordinating with Colombia to determine how the guerrillas will be repatriated to their home country. A representative from the Presidency confirmed last night that three men and one woman turned themselves in to the authorities. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: Basically, these guys quit the service. The FARC presses many people into their ranks and in recent years it has become more difficult and less rewarding to be an active member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. The Colombian military has gained the upper hand in many areas and they are pressing the initiative whenever and where ever they can. You can bet the government of Colombia will take this as a media coup and use the actions of these four people to encourage other active FARC guerrillas to lay down their weapons and turn themselves in to the authorities. Ever spent a night in the rain forest? Now, try living there for years, always on the move, always in fear of government forces and helicopter gunships. The FARC isn't doing much attacking lately, it's more about running for your life and hiding (like it was in the 80's, for them.) Talk about "embracing the suck..." It's got to get old, and after awhile everyone just wants a soft chair and a cold Coke.

Guerrilleros de las FARC se entregan en Jaqué


Cuatro guerrilleros del Frente 57 de las FARC se entregaron ayer al Servicio Nacional de Fronteras, en Jaqué, Darién, confirmó una fuente oficial. Según la fuente, los irregulares adujeron que “no querían seguir con la narcoguerrilla”. Las autoridades gestionan con Colombia la forma en que se hará la entrega de los irregulares. La Presidencia confirmó anoche que se trata de una mujer y tres hombres.

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