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Tuesday, April 23 2019 @ 09:52 PM UTC

Higer Questions ATTT Rejection in Transmóvil Bid

Foreign Direct InvestmentBy SHELMAR VÁSQUEZ SWEEN for La Prensa - The "Administrative Tribunal of Public Contracts" of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) will investigate the events that caused the Ground Transit and Transportation Authority (ATTT) to remove the Chinese company Higer Bus Company Limited from the public bidding process to provide the first 420 buses for the Transmóvil project. In the document, already was admitted by the Court, the legal representative of the Asian company sustains a legal technicality that supposedly invalidates the resolution of disqualification emitted by the ATTT. In order for their proposal to have been "rejected out of hand," according to Higer's legal representative, this should have been included in the resolution issued on the day of the bid, 29 January 2009, as a proposal that was not presented. But anyway their bid was opened, the contents of their bid was read, and they were included in the resolution. Could it be that the Director of the ATTT (Heraclio Batista) does not know this? the legal representative asked. What's more, Higer also asked the entity to establish who will be responsible to compensate them for damages "if" the Public Ministry determines the letter guaranteeing a bond they presented at the bid in the name of Interoceánica de Seguros is indeed genuine. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: It seems like the government of Panama is trying to jam this Transmóvil bus purchase through as hard as they can, and this complaint filed by Higer could gum up the works to some extent. It doesn't appear that the purchase of 420 buses will do much to solve Panama's public transportation problems, but at least it would take some of the old school buses off of the road. I see this as a step in the right direction with much more to be done. The issue of mass transportation for Panama City is an issue that will never be fully "solved" but rather a system will have to be created to improve the flow of people into and out of the city on a daily basis that's safe, economical, and efficient. Hopefully the world's economy will turn around sometime soon so that Panama will have the money to pay for such a system.

MEF admite recurso interpuesto por Higer


El Tribunal Administrativo de Contrataciones Públicas, adscrito al Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas, investigará los hechos que provocaron que la Autoridad de Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre (ATTT) sacara a la compañía china Higer Bus Company Limited de la licitación para el suministro de los primeros 420 buses del proyecto Transmóvil.

En el documento, que ya fue admitido por el Tribunal, el representante legal de la empresa asiática sustenta un tecnicismo legal que supuestamente invalida el resuelto de descalificación emitido por la ATTT.

Para que la propuesta de ellos fuera “rechazada de plano”, según el representante legal de Higer, esta debió constar en el acta del día de la licitación, el 29 de enero, como una propuesta no presentada. Sin embargo fue abierta, se conoció su contenido y quedó consignada en el acta.

¿Será que el director de la ATTT (Heraclio Batista) desconoce esto?, se preguntó el representante legal .

Por otra parte, Higer también pidió a la entidad que establezca quién sería el responsable de indemnizarlos por los perjuicios “si” el Ministerio Público establece que es genuina la carta de fianza propuesta que presentaron en el acto público a nombre de Interoceánica de Seguros.

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