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Sunday, September 22 2019 @ 10:19 am EDT

911 System Begins Operations in Panama

Safety & Security By Aet Elisa Tejera C. for La Critica - Finally! The "Sistema Único de Manejo de Emergencias" (Unified System of Emergency Response) (SUME 911), started operations yesterday to offer special attention during this years carnival celebrations. Medical emergencies such as car and motorcycle accidents, those injured by firearms or other weapons, pregnant women, cardiac arrest, and any other type of medical emergency can be reported by simply dialing 911 said Marta Sandoya, the Executive Director of the 911 project. As is the custom during carnival, many Panamanians travel to diverse points of the country which is why the managers of the system have installed special locations to cover the areas of Las Tablas, Capira, Aguadulce and Coco Solo in Colón. For Panama City the points of coverage will be located at Plaza Ágora, Atlapa, Centro Comercial Los Andes and Villa Olímpica. (more) (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: Here are a couple of things you should remember about this 911 system that are not covered in this article. First of all, this system is designed for medical emergencies only. If you need a police officer because someone is breaking into your home, don't call 911 until AFTER you've been shot. To get the cops you still have to dial either 104 to get the 24 hour national command post, or dial the number of your closest police shack directly. Secondly, you might not get someone who can speak English when you dial 911 so be prepared to give the basics in Spanish. That's called "survival Spanish" for a reason. Third - no one in Panama uses the actual names of the streets, so be prepared to give your location in standard Panamanian terms - like "you know where that Texaco station is next to the Pio Pio on the right...?" Again, survival Spanish. Let's just applaud the leap forward, and hope they continue to improve and work out the bugs over time.

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This innovative system developed by a partnership between the consortium MER - Cable & Wireless Panama, will work on a platform of information with the most advanced technology, that will allow for the expeditious reporting of incidents from one central dispatch center. Highly trained personnel will handle the calls and will have the resources to direct assets to respond in the shortest possible time.

Sandoya emphasized that this is an integrated project comprised of the medical technicians who will attend patients in the ambulances, as well as the computer technicians, telecommunications experts, and doctors who will offer support from the central command center.

All of these people were trained by people who are experts in responding to medical emergencies from the company MER from Israel.

The managers of this project hope to be able to respond to 75% of all calls in 15 minutes or less, offering a more expeditious and sophisticated level of medical attention to the Panamanian public.

911 inicia operaciones

Aet Elisa Tejera C. | Crítica en Línea

Este proyecto está integrado por técnicos en urgencias médicas que atenderán las emergencias en las ambulancias.

¡Por fin! El Sistema Único de Manejo de Emergencias Sume 911, inició ayer operaciones para brindar una atención especial durante los carnavales.

Emergencias médicas como: colisiones de autos y motos; heridos por armas de fuego y arma blanca; emergencias ginecológicas, emergencias cardíacas; traumatismos y todo tipo de patologías de urgencia, serán atendidas con tan solo marcar el 911, informó Marta Sandoya, directora ejecutiva del Proyecto 911.

Como es costumbre para estas fechas, muchos panameños se desplazan por diversos puntos del país, por lo cual se instalarán puestos especiales de cobertura en las áreas de Las Tablas, Capira, Aguadulce y Coco Solo en Colón. Para la ciudad de Panamá los puntos de cobertura serán: Plaza Ágora, Atlapa, Centro Comercial Los Andes y Villa Olímpica.

Esta innovador sistema desarrollado por el consorcio MER-Cable & Wireless Panamá, funcionará sobre una plataforma de información con los más avanzados adelantos tecnológicos, que permitirá el reporte expedito de incidentes a un centro de despacho. Personal altamente capacitado atenderá las llamadas y dispondrá de los recursos necesarios para la atención en el menor tiempo posible.

Sandoya destacó que este proyecto está integrado por técnicos en urgencias médicas que atenderán las emergencias en las ambulancias, además de los técnicos en informática, telecomunicaciones y médicos que brindarán soporte desde el centro de comando del SUME 911.

Este recurso humano fue capacitado por personal experto en urgencias médicas procedentes de la empresa MER de Israel.


El Patronato SUME 911 espera atender el 75% de los casos en menos de 15 minutos ofreciendo una atención más expedita y sofisticada a todos los panameños que se encuentren en una situación de riesgo.

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