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Sunday, November 19 2017 @ 10:56 PM EST

Ernesto Chong Coronado Bail Set At $4 Million Dollars

Drug Trafficking By Magda Maxwell for TVN Noticias - The bail established by the Third Criminal Court for Ernesto Chong Coronado of $4 million dollars is in effect doubled to $8 million dollars, according to Chong's lawyer, who says they are trying to assign or pay it through a bond, and according to law doubles the amount. Ernesto Chong's lawyers presented today to the Second Superior Tribunal of Justice in order to try to speed up the appeal they presented arguing that the amount of the bail established was excessive - they want to be able to pay the bail in order to free Chong who is being detained on orders of the Anti Drug Prosecutor in the facilities of the Direction of Judicial Investigation. Chong Coronado faces charges for money laundering, and is being detained for having ignored a precautionary order that prevented him from leaving the country. The former partner of David Murcia has been called to render a sworn statement in the investigation into the supposed campaign donations made by Murcia to the mayoral campaign of Bobby Velásquez.

Fianza de Ernesto Chong se duplica a 8 millones de dólares

27/Abr/2009 | Magda Maxwell | vistas: 116

La fianza fijada por el Juzgado Tercero Penal a Ernesto Chong Coronado de 4 millones de dólares pasa a 8 millones, y es que según explicó su abogado, están tratando de consignarla o pagarla a través de financiamiento, lo que según las leyes duplica el monto.

Los abogados de Ernesto Chong se presentaron hoy al Segundo Tribunal Superior de Justicia para tratar de que se agilice la apelación que presentaron por considerar el monto excesivo y poder pagarla para liberar a Chong que se encuentra detenido por orden de la fiscalía de drogas en la sede de la Dirección de Investigación Judicial (DIJ).

Chong Coronado enfrenta cargos por blanqueo de capitales, y se encuentra detenido por burlar una medida cautelar que le impedía salir del país.

El ex socio de Murcia ha sido llamado a rendir declaración jurada por el caso que se investiga de las supuestas donaciones de Murcia a la campaña de Bobby Velásquez.

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