Reader Photos of Ave. Balboa Retaining Wall Collapse

Thursday, May 07 2009 @ 08:50 am EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

By DON WINNER for - Jeff Beer, a regular reader of Panama-Guide, happens to have his offices next to the construction site of the Star Bay Tower on Ave. Balboa where the retaining wall failed yesterday morning, causing a partial collapse of the sidewalk and roadway. He send in a series of photos taken from his office window, which I've placed in a slide show for your ease of viewing. Notice how this wall failed just a few days after the start of rainy season in Panama. In order to be able to build these very tall structures along Ave. Balboa, engineers have to first dig down to the bedrock and build a "box" of retaining walls all the way around the area that will serve as the foundations for the building. They have to do this in order to be able to keep the groundwater out while they are excavating and pouring the foundations. Then, they did down to the bedrock, in this case some 30 to 40 meters down, and pour the heavy foundations. From there, they start coming back up out of the hole with the structure. Apparently the rainwater and groundwater on the other side of the retaining wall accumulated and caused the retaining wall to fail. Anyway, thanks for the photos, Jeff...

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