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Tuesday, June 19 2018 @ 10:38 AM EDT

Canadian Marcel Lambert Arrested At Tocumen For Smuggling Cocaine

Drug TraffickingLa Prensa - Anti Drug agents of the Panamanian National Police confirmed yesterday the arrest of Canadian Marcel Lambert, 24 years old, who was transporting two packages of cocaine taped to his body with a destination of Mexico. Lambert was arrested at the Tocumen International Airport after passing through an x-ray system. The device at the airport detected objects hidden beneath the clothes of the passenger, which prompted anti-drug agents to conduct a more complete search. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: What a friggin' dumb-ass. Listen guys - don't even think about it. People get busted at the airport all the time for smuggling, and now Lambert will probably spend at least the next five to eight years behind bars in a real and absolute hell-hole. What a waste.

Detienen en Panamá a canadiense que transportaba droga

AEROPUERTO. Agentes antinarcóticos de la Policía Nacional de Panamá confirmaron ayer la detención del canadiense Marcel Lambert, de 24 años, quien transportaba dos planchas de cocaína adheridas a su cuerpo, con destino a México. Lambert fue detenido en el aeropuerto de Tocumen, luego de pasar por un sistema de rayos X. El dispositivo de la terminal aérea detectó debajo de la ropa del pasajero un objeto oculto, por lo que agentes antinarcóticos procedieron a su revisión.

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