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Monday, May 28 2018 @ 06:06 AM EDT

6.0 Earthquake, 90 Miles Northeast of Panama City

Earthquakes By DON WINNER for - A relatively strong earthquake measuring magnitude 6.0 on the open-ended Moment Magnitude scale, now used by US seismologists, which measures the area of the fault that ruptured and the total energy released, struck Panama City in the Republic of Panama at 1:49 am local time in the early morning hours of Saturday, 4 July 2009. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), Earthquake Hazards Program, the epicenter of the earthquake was located at 9.654°N, 78.983°W at a depth of 43.1 km (26.8 miles). This places the epicenter 95 km (60 miles) Northeast of Panama City, Panama and 105 km (65 miles) East Northeast of Colon, Panama, or 7.1 miles almost due North of El Porvenir, the capital of the Kuna Yala region, along Panama's Caribbean coast. The earthquake caused both my wife and I to wake up, but our daughter, sons, and maid all slept through it. There was no damage in our apartment of any kind. We live in a solidly built six-story apartment building, constructed with standard steel reinforced poured cement foundations, columns, and beams. And while the entire building shook violently there were no cracks or damage of any kind - although the doors were banging and rattling in their frames. The entire event lasted about 45 seconds as far as I could tell, and I thought I felt some light rolling after-shocks. About a half a block away there is a used car lot, and every car alarm went off simultaneously.

These Are The "Good" Earthquakes: Although I generally hate all kinds of earthquakes (the ground simply is not supposed to move) these strong but non-destructive earthquakes are generally "good" in that they allow pent-up geological stresses to be released but without causing massive or widespread damage. As far as I'm concerned, we can have these kinds of earthquakes all the time as long as they don't bring any damage, injuries, deaths, or destruction with them. The real killers wait for 500 years or more then go off all of a sudden with a tremendously strong, massive, killer earthquake capable of snuffing out the lives of millions. For that exact reason there are places in the world where you could not pay me to live - like Seattle, Washington for example. These little shakers, while somewhat nervewracking, are almost a relief. No, I take that back. They are literally a relief - a minor release of the stress in the fault.

This shake chart comes from the geographical sensing station at Mount Denham, Jamaica.

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Copyright 2009 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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6.0 Earthquake, 90 Miles Northeast of Panama City
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, July 04 2009 @ 01:49 PM EDT

it didn't wake both my wife or 'me' (not i). happy to proof-read for you! i felt the tremor, too, in boquete.
what's happened with the big numbers of panama-guide readers?