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Monday, April 22 2019 @ 10:35 PM UTC

FAQ: Procedures To Avoid Probate If Someone Dies?

Why Panama & Frequently Asked QuestionsBy DON WINNER for - Here's a question I received via email and I don't know the answer - maybe one of the lawyers could please step up and offer some insight? "I have a question on the laws if a person dies and he doesn't leave a will has alot of land, has family , wife, children, and grandchildren, why does it take years to give it to the immediate family still alive.. ? Why I ask is because an Uncle who died in 2002 and nothing is being given to the family he left behind, it is still in the courts." From what I understand the process for family members can be tough, long, and difficult, especially if there was no will. There are things you can do to prevent getting sucked into this kind of problem, but I don't know what they are... Again, lawyers?

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FAQ: Procedures To Avoid Probate If Someone Dies?
Authored by: susangg on Monday, July 13 2009 @ 09:49 PM UTC

This issue has been discussed quite a bit on the yahoo group panama_laws_for_expats, sometimes by Panamanian attorneys, there are several in the group. My advice is to go to the group's website, click MESSAGES and then do a keyword search. I'd recommend starting with PROBATE and also try WILLS, FOUNDATIONS.
The group is HERE (remove spaces first as this site's spam program does not allow links to be posted):
http: // www. groups. yahoo. com/group/ panama_laws_for_expats
You can join and specify "no email" and just visit the group's website when you want to

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