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Monday, May 28 2018 @ 06:04 AM EDT

High Tension Electrical Transmission Tower In Danger of Collapse in Panama

Infrastructure Upgrades By DON WINNER for - This story has been slowly evolving over the past several weeks. Awhile ago there was a minor landslide near the entrance to the Northern Corridor where it connects to Transistmica out near the Los Andes shopping area. The company that manages the Northern Corridor had cut into a hillside to expand an entrance ramp as part of the project to expand the highway. Apparently by removing part of the hill they have effectively undermined the stability of the entire hill, and since the first slide there have been several subsequent rock slides that have closed the ramp. Now there is an increasing concern that then entire hill might collapse, and perched on the top of the hill are a couple of towers carrying high-tension electrical transmission cables - the primary feed for Panama City. In short, if those towers collapse Panama City goes dark. It has since become apparent that those towers and cables will have to be relocated, and in the meantime crews are working to implement short term fixes - the most recent being to lay down plastic sheeting to prevent rainwater from soaking into the ground - which was done yesterday. I heard one technical specialist talking about the stability of those towers on a radio interview, and he said "they could fall down in a year, a month, a week, a day, or an hour - we just don't know..."

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