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Wednesday, June 20 2018 @ 07:06 PM EDT

Man - Caught on Video - Charged With Child Abuse

Crime & PunishmentBy Castalia Pascual for TVN Noticias - After being arrested by the police, the man who was caught on video in the act of abusing his stepson was handed over to prosecutors, who have already ordered his interrogation in a case which could put him in prison for several years. The man who was caught beating his stepson could face as much as six years in prison. This, according to the Penal Code, which qualifies the fact that the abuser is the child's stepfather, and therefore supposedly charged with ensuring his safety and wellbeing, as an aggravating factor. The Third Family Prosecutor charged the man with child abuse and hopes the man, who was captured in Nuevo Tocumen, will remain in custody. The Penal Code considers situations of child abuse to be more serious when a defenseless child is involved, and the abuse is committed by parents or other relatives. But the laws also punish parents who know about the abuse and keep silent. Lawyer Oliver Batista, who is a specialist in children's rights, says this is a clear case of abuse caught on video by a neighbor who filed a public complaint of child abuse. On that same day (Wednesday) the office of the Third Family Prosecutor, which is managing the case for the moment, conducted a visual inspection at the residence where the events occurred and also ordered a medical evaluation of the two children who live with the accused. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: Yesterday a cell phone video of a man abusing his stepson played thousands of times on Panamanian television. The small child, about two years old, is standing in a utility sink behind their house, and the man is apparently going to wash him off or give him a bath or something. He man then reaches up and violently pushes the kid's head, causing him to literally flip out of the sink and land on his head on the floor. The man then reaches down, grabs the kid by the arm, and throws him into the house like a sack of meat. This was the most outrageous act of blatant child abuse I've ever witnessed and this man should spend many years in prison for what he did. Every normal human being who has seen this video is outraged.

Formulan cargos a hombre maltratador

22/Jul/2009 | Castalia Pascual | vistas: 4773 | Comentarios: 27

Después de ser capturado por la Policía, el maltratador del menor captado infraganti fue puesto a órdenes del Ministerio Público que ya ordenó la indagatoria del acusado que podría estar frente varios años de cárcel.

El hombre captado infraganti maltratando a su hijastro, podría estar enfrentando hasta 6 años de prisión. Ésto según el Código Penal que califica como agravante el que haya sido el padrastro del niño quien violentara el bienestar del pequeño.

La Fiscalía Tercera de Familia formuló cargos por maltrato y se espera que mantenga la detención del hombre que fue capturado en Nuevo Tocumen.

El Código Penal considera que la situación de maltrato es más grave cuando se trata de un menor indefenso y es cometida por sus padres u otros familiares. Pero las leyes también castigan a padres que conocen los maltratos y guardan silencio.

El abogado Oliver Batista es especialista en derechos del menor, asegura que éste es un claro hecho infragranti donde un video captado por un vecino se convierte en la denuncia pública del maltrato.

Éste mismo miércoles la Fiscalía Tercera que mantiene el caso por el momento, practicó una inspección ocular en la residencia donde se suscitaron los hechos y también ordenó una evaluación a los dos menores que residían con el acusado.

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Man - Caught on Video - Charged With Child Abuse | 1 comments | Create New Account
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Man - Caught on Video - Charged With Child Abuse
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, July 24 2009 @ 10:40 AM EDT

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