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Wednesday, June 20 2018 @ 08:37 PM EDT

Mariano Rivera Now With 28 Saves in 2009 MLB Baseball Season

Sports Section By DON WINNER for - New York Yankees star closing pitcher, Panamanian Mariano Rivera, picked up two more saves in recent days and now has a total of 28 this season. It's an interesting number because that's how many saves Rivera earned during the entire 2002 season. As of today the Yankees have 68 games left to play on their regular season schedule which ends on 4 October. So far the Yankees have already played 94 games, and with a record of 57-37 they sit perched at first place in the AL East. Crunching the numbers, if Mariano Rivera maintains this pace he could end the season with a total of 49 saves which would be the third best season of his career (he had 50 saves in 2001 and 53 in 2004.) And of course he would also be in easy reach of a "best ever" season if he could get to 54. In the race against Trevor Hoffman, as of today Mariano Rivera has 510 career saves, or 66 less than the first place record total of 576 career saves for Hoffman. Sooner or later that geezer Hoffman will retire, allowing Rivera to catch up...

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