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Tuesday, June 19 2018 @ 10:33 AM EDT

Colombian Didier Osorio Confesses To The Murder of Toni Grossi Abrams

Crime & Punishment By DON WINNER for - Colombian Didier Osorio Garcia, under arrest in Colombia and being held as a suspect in the grizzly April 2007 murder and dismemberment of American Toni Grossi Abrams, has confessed to her murder. In his confession Didier "Andres" Osorio said several times Debra Ann Ridgely "had nothing to do" with the murder. He explained how Toni Grossi Abrams and Debra Ann Ridgley had fought over their mutual romantic interest in a taxi driver and how supposedly Toni Grossi Abrams was insanely jealous of Debra Ann Ridgley. Didier "Andes" Osorio goes on to say he went downstairs while Grossi and Abrams were fighting to try to calm Abrams down. He describes an intense verbal altercation between Ridgley and Abrams. He says Abrams was supposedly "insanely jealous" and "crazy", and at some point he says Abrams produced a knife and tried to stab him in the chest. He says he was able to use his left hand to keep Abrams from stabbing him in the chest, but in the fight he was cut on the left hand. He says he managed to take the knife away from Abrams but she started screaming and she hit him in the head with a vase, knocking him down. Then says that "I woke up, and I got up, and I stabbed and killed her." (more)

Editorial Time Out: This is an explosive document and certainly emotions will run high on all sides. This crime has left victims all around. The relatives of Toni Grossi Abrams want justice, and the family and friends of Debra Ann Ridgley, who has been in prison since April 2007 and charged in the murder of Toni Grossi Abrams, continue to support her claims of innocence and fight for her immediate release. There has already been at least one lawsuit filed against a reporter from the Staten Island Advance with regards to his reporting on this story, and I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that the statements made in this confession are simply that - the version of events as told by Didier "Andres" Osorio. It is my job to follow this story and report on the events as they unfold. I ask everyone on all sides to please not shoot the messenger. Now, with that having been said...

It's An Eight Page Confession: It's going to take me awhile to go through and digest the details of this statement. At this point you already have 99% of the thrust - Didier Osorio admits to having killed Toni Grossi Abrams, and he supports the version of events as told by Debra Ann Ridgley in her sworn statement (primarily, that Toni Grossi Abrams was still alive when Ridgley went back upstairs). There are a many smaller details worthy of further analysis and discussion, but on the whole that's the primary gist of it. The painstaking translation and in-depth analysis will come later.

A Filing For Dismissal: Debra Ann Ridgley's attorney has already filed a motion requesting the charges be dropped and his client be released, based on the confession of Didier Osorio. But check the dates. Debra Ann Ridgley's murder trial was supposed to have taken place on 20 March 2009 but that hearing was cancelled at the request of her lawyers. Then, just five days later, Didier Osorio gives this confession, on 25 March 2009. That's strange because the news Didier Osorio had been arrested in Colombia didn't break in Panama until May 2009. So, if he gave this confession on 25 March 2009, then that obviously means he was arrested and jailed sometime earlier. And therefore, Debra Ann Ridgley's attorney probably knew Osorio had been arrested when he filed to have the hearing delayed. It might be a "so what" detail but the timing is interesting.

Waiting For Authentication: When I spoke to Debra Ann Ridgley's attorney he told me he had sent the confession to the Foreign Ministry to be authenticated. What I have is a what's known as a "simple" copy, meaning at this point it can hold no legal bearing in the case file. Once the Colombian authorities authenticate the document then it will have a much more substantial legal bearing and merit, and I've asked for an authenticated copy once that becomes available.

A Copy Of The Motion To Dismiss: I've also asked for a copy of the motion to dismiss filed by the defense attorneys. I have been told that will be made available, but I don't have it yet. And of course the Panamanian judicial authorities cannot decide to release a murder suspect based on nothing more than a "simple" copy of a confession from another country. It's not going to happen.

More To Come: This is the first big piece of news in this case in months. I've just been patiently waiting for the trial to start, and now with this confession there will most likely be some movement on this case. I suspect (and this is just my opinion) the Panamanian judicial authorities will most likely go ahead with the trial anyway, and reject Ridgley's motion for dismissal, but they will most likely admit Osorio's confession as evidence and consider it during the case. Again, let's see what happens over time. Meanwhile, I will continue to digest and report on Osorio's confession as time allows in the coming days.

Copyright 2009 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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