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Wednesday, June 20 2018 @ 08:42 PM EDT

Meet ARESEP - Looking Out For Gringos In Panama

Groups & OrganizationsBy DON WINNER for - ARESEP is (or will eventually be) the Association of Retired English Speaking Expatriates in Panama (a.k.a. "gringos.") Over the last couple of days there's been a healthy discussion brewing on the new Yahoo group. Also check out the new website that I tossed up yesterday - So far the discussions have centered around what the organization might be doing, how it might be organized, things like voting via the Internet for remote populations of gringos in Bocas, Boquete, Volcan, ADM, etc. I would like to put together the first conceptual meeting sometime next week to start putting together a draft plan. Once I get a date, time, and place I'll announce. Oh, and by the way - would someone like to do a little graphic design work? We will be needing a logo...

Copyright 2009 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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