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Saturday, August 30 2014 @ 02:29 PM EDT

Confessions Of Someone Who Want's To Bullshit You

Real Estate By DON WINNER for - Two days ago an article appeared on a local real estate website with the title Confessions from a Real Estate Agent in Panama: The Commission Stack. I posted my impressions of this article on the Viviendo en Panama Yahoo email group. I sent that post to the authors, hoping they would respond. Well, they did respond, by ignoring me and cross-posting their article to every email group in Panama (most of which I own and manage). I now learn these guys are "rookies" who have actually been in Panama for a very short time. This is actually a common practice, for a "new guy" to write an article with the look and feel of some kind of "exposé" in order to make themselves look like they know what they are talking about. In fact, they don't. I remember back when the recent real estate boom was just getting started, a new person popped up on the groups, and from one day to the next she was all over the place. She signed all of her email with her contact information and "Panama Experts." A few weeks later she came up and asked how far it was from Tocumen to Panama City because she had never been here before. Right, expert, got it. My purpose here is not to kick these guys in the balls (because I don't know who they are and I really don't care all that much), but rather to just highlight a common practice. They wrote, published, and distributed this article very widely, trying to warn the readers to something called "commission stacking" which, in fact, basically does not exist in this market. Their strategy is simple - "watch out for those other guys, but you can trust me because I've warned you..." The want to get the publicity through a "publish or perish" tactic, but in this case it backfires because they simply decided to try to base their article on bullshit rather than an actual problem (whoops!) In this tightening real estate market competition between the different agents and agencies is heating up. I guess I would say just watch out for anyone holding themselves up as an "expert" - because you've probably been here longer than them. The real experts tend to be quiet professionals, and they don't rely on stunts and gimmicks to get your attention.

Copyright 2009 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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