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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 08:34 am EDT

Investigations Continue Into the "Compita" Case

Corruption La Prensa - The Director of the Institute of Agricultural Marketing (IMA), José Pablo Ramos, said today the investigation to determine who is responsible for the loss of the products of the "Compita" program are still ongoing. In early July authorities discovered food items belonging to the "Compita" program - piles of onions, hundreds of bags of rice, nutritive creams, and beans - in a state of total abandonment in the IMA installations in Coclé. In total an inventory of the rotting food indicated there were ten thousand five hundred 50-pound bags of onions, two thousand 125-pound bags of rice, and a pallet of beans and nutritive creams. Investigations being conducted by the Public Ministry continue, said Ramos on RPC Radio. The IMA also ordered a complete audit of the "Compita" program to determine the amount of money invested into the program and if there were any irregularities in the way contracts were handled. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: The "Compita" (Compete) program was created by the administration of Martin Torrijos. The idea was to use government funds to buy food on the wholesale market, and then sell those foods at cut-rate prices to poor people in little government markets established all over the country. The idea was to literally cut out the middleman (the supermarket owner), reduce profits to zero, and provide quality food at discounted prices to poor people. OK, that sounds great on the surface. In practice the government never does anything better than capitalists involved in free market enterprise when there are level playing fields and competition can work freely within the limits of law, health, and safety. And, as soon as any government program starts spending tax dollars oppoprtunities for corruption are immediately created. In a program such as Compita obviously the money had to be spent to buy the goods in the first place and someone made a profit on those sales, and his initials were probably PRD. And then look what happens - in supermarkets there are levels of rot and spoilage all the time. The supermarket owners just throw that stuff out and write it off. However in the "Compita" program those onions are now property of the state and it probably required a stack of paperwork a mile high to be able to legally throw out a pile of rotten onions. As soon as the Martinelli administration took over they found these goods and started an investigation. The "Compita" program is now probably dead, so you can go back to using the Super99, just like before. And, thanks for playing.

Continúan investigaciones por el caso "Compita"

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7:02 a.m. - El director del Instituto de Mercadeo Agropecuario (IMA), José Pablo Ramos, informó hoy que aún continúa la investigación para determinar las responsabilidades en la pérdida de productos del programa "Compita".

En julio pasada se detectó que productos del programa alimentario “Compita” -cebolla, arroz, cremas nutritivas y lentejas- estaban en total estado de abandono en las instalaciones del IMA, en Coclé.

En total, el inventario de alimentos en estado de putrefacción incluyó: 10 mil 500 sacos de cebolla de 50 libras cada uno, 2 mil quintales de arroz, y un lote de lentejas y cremas nutritivas.

La investigación continúa en el Ministerio Público, adelantó Ramos a RPC Radio.

El IMA también ordenó una auditoría a todo el programa “Compita” con el fin de determinar el monto invertido y si hubo irregularidades en las contrataciones.

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