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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 02:10 am EDT

Confirmation From The Public Ministry About Embassy Employees

JosÚ Ay˙ Prado
JosÚ Ay˙ Prado
By DON WINNER for - This afternoon after I saw the different news articles reporting on statements made by Panama's Organized Crime Prosecutor JosÚ Ay˙ Prado regarding the possible involvement on the part of employees of the US Embassy in Panama, and particularly the section of the US Consulate where visas are issued to Panamanians wishing to travel to the United States, I put a call into his office seeking clarificaiton. While I did not speak to Prosecutor JosÚ Ay˙ Prado himself, he took the questions I had through a person in the press office and they just got back to me with his clarification. They told me the articles that appeared in the El Siglo and La Critica newspapers took his statements and comments slightly out of context. He said they are indeed seeking to obtain information from the State Department and the US Embassy of the United States in Panama through the Foreign Ministry. However, he said at this point in time they are not willing to go the extra step to imply or allege that these employees are potentially involved or associated with the network of people who were creating falsified Panamanian passports and identification cards, and then using those documents to obtain visas to visit the United States and Europe to eventually traffic drugs. So, again, at this point they have simply asked for a list of names of people who work in that section of the US Consulate in Panama. Period. It's obvious they are conducting an investigation and they are following the information they have available, based on statements made by people involved in this network who are already in custody. In addition I have submitted a list of questions to the US Embassy here in Panama and I await their response.

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