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Friday, May 25 2018 @ 07:09 AM EDT

AMPYME Law Will Be Modified

Law & LawyersLast night Panama's Secretary of State reported the Executive Cabinet Council approved a measure to modify Law Number 8 of 29 May and Law Number 33 of July 2000 which cover micro, small and medium enterprises. This measure will strengthen the AMPYME and would create a fund for business development technical assistance, seed capital, micro-credit financing and guarantees. According to the statement the changes seek to include the MIPYME sector in a financial system and to define an institutionalized transparent channel, which would be universal and non discriminatory. It also would promote the funding for the MIPYMES, such as loans, lines of credit, leasing, and factoring, among others. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: First of all, a little help with the acronyms. AMPYME is the "Autoridad de la Micro, Pequeña y Mediana Empresa" (AMPYME) (Micro, Small, and Medium Business Authority.) MIPYME means "Micro, Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas" (Micro, Small, and Medium Businesses.) The government of Panama has established and funded a whole series of programs to foster and support the creation of small businesses which people can use to get off of the ground. And with these changes the administration of Ricardo Martinelli is apparently doing even more to help and support these programs. Hey, I'm getting nervous - I don't like it when I can go this long and not have something to complain about...

Modifican ley de la AMPYME

Redacción PA-DIGITAL

[04 Ago] La Secretaría de Estado informó que el Consejo de Gabinete aprobó modificar la Ley 8 de 29 de mayo y la Ley 33 de julio de 2000 de la micro, mediana y pequeña empresa.

Esta medidad fortalece la AMPYME y crea un fondo de fomento empresarial de asistencia técnica, capital semilla, financiamiento de microcrédito y garantías.

Según el comunicado la modificación pretende incluir al sector MIPYME a un sistema financiero y definir un canal institucionalizado transparente, universal y no discriminatorio. Además promueve financiamiento para las MIPYMES, tales como préstamos líneas de crédito, leasing, factoring, entre otros.

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