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Wednesday, September 03 2014 @ 03:01 AM EDT

Transportation Workers Declare Indefinite Strike (For Next Tuesday)

Protests & DemonstrationsBy Manuel Vega Loo for La Prensa - The President of the National Chamber of Transportation (Canatra), Dionisio Ortega, said this afternoon they have declared an indefinite work stoppage starting next Tuesday. "It was the decision of the union members, of the transportation workers who get out of bed at 1:00 am or 2:00 am to drive their bus, for those who were killed on 4 September or on the coming months, now they are going to better defend their sources of income," said Ortega. When asked if the bus drivers in the interior of the country will participate in the strike he said their decision is voluntary. "The people in the interior of the country are just as concerned as those in the capital about what will happen to them," said Ortega. The union leader said that at a meeting held today at 2:00 pm there were delegates present from all over the country. Ortega said problems can be solved through dialog not with the challenges made by the Minister of Government and Justice, Jose Raul Mulino. They declared the strike because several representatives of the administration of Ricardo Martinelli have revealed to the transportation workers that they will not be receiving any kind of compensation for leaving the transportation system. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: When the bus drivers and owners come out and declare a strike for "next week Tuesday" what they are really saying is that they want someone to listen to them and to promise them they will be getting a large chunk of cash as part of Martinelli's program to modernize public transportation. Normally when they are really pissed off about something the strike starts "right now." When they do this it's more like a warning shot across the bow, and I doubt that when the time comes there will actually be a strike. This is part of the stupid political games that you have to play when you have this kind of "concession based" public transportation system. How about this - if they don't drive the damn buses then take away their concessions, pull the plates off of the buses, and cancel their commercial driver's licenses. They always threaten to strike, so often it has a "cry wolf" effect. The bus owners are another group that have held a practical monopoly for too long, and they have kept the country from advancing and improving. Time for some more "change."

Transportistas declaran paro indefinido

Manuel Vega Loo De LA PRENSA/Archivo

Dionisio Ortega +

4:44 p.m. - El presidente de la Cámara Nacional del Transporte (Canatra), Dionisio Ortega, reveló esta tarde que decretaron un paro indefinido de labores a partir del próximo martes.

“Fue decisión de las bases, de los compañeros transportistas que se levantan a la 1:00 a.m. o 2:00 a.m a manejar su bus... para que los maten el 4 de septiembre o en los próximos meses, mejor ahora ellos van a defender su pan”, explicó Ortega.

Al ser consultado si los conductores del interior del país participarán en el paro dijo que es voluntaria su inclusión.

“La gente del interior está preocupada porque lo mismo que le hagan en la capital les pase a ellos”, señaló Ortega.

El dirigente aclaró que en la reunión que se celebró hoy a partir de las 2:00 p.m. estuvieron delegados de todo el país.

Ortega enfatizó que los problemas se resuelven en una mesa de diálogo no con retos como los hechos por el ministro de Gobierno y Justicia, José Raúl Mulino.

El paro se declara porque varios representantes del gobierno de Ricardo Martinelli le revelaron a los transportistas que no recibirán las indemnizaciones por salir del sistema de transporte público.

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