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Wednesday, June 20 2018 @ 07:06 PM EDT

Multi Ton Cocaine Bust in Panama This Morning

Drug Trafficking Panama America - This morning the Panamanian National Police seized 1,452 kilos of cocaine and arrested five people, four Mexicans and one Panamanian, during an operation this morning on the Northern Corridor. According to police reports the five people were transporting the cocaine in two vehicles, a van and a pick-up with a false bottoms. What's more, as part of the operation police officers searched a car repair shop in the Llano Bonito area of Juan Diaz, where they found the location used by the detainees to package the goods, as well as the equipment used used to make the false bottoms in the vehicles. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: Let's see, 1,452 kilos of cocaine, that works out to more than 3,201 pounds or 1.6 tons, with a street value of more than $145 million dollars. Now, in the next few days you can expect the bodies to start turning up. Every time there's a major bust like this the severely pissed off drug trafficking kingpins start whacking everyone who knew anything, because they suspect someone must have spilled the beans to the authorities. Normally it's about five or six bodies per bust major bust. Now, what were you saying about your concerns over invasion of privacy? These are the guys the law is intended to stop. These guys, not you, Sally. Chill.

PN decomisa más de mil kilos de droga

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[06 Ago|15:05] Mil 452 kilos de cocaína, cinco detenidos, cuatro mexicanos y un panameño fue el resultado final de la operación encubierta que realizó la Policía Nacional en horas de la mañana en el Corredor Norte.

Según los informes de las autoridades los detenidos transportaban la sustancia ilícita en dos vehículos, un vans y un pick-up que tenían un doble fondo.

Además como parte del operativo las unidades policiales lograron revisar un taller ubicado en Llano Bonito, Juan Díaz, encontrando el lugar donde los detendidos envasaban la mercancía, además de equipos para realizar los dobles fondos en los autos.

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