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Friday, May 25 2018 @ 07:08 AM EDT

Police Report Seizure of Drugs, Guns, and Explosives

Drug Trafficking By Yessika Valdés for La Critica - Panama's Director of National Police Gustavo Perez reported during a press conference that an operation was conducted in the sector of Mañanita which resulted in the seizure of explosive devices. "Nineteen bars of explosives were found, as well as grenades, 267 AK-47 rounds, electronic detonators, and two people were arrested," said Perez. He added that over time such devices can be dangerous because of the effects they can cause at any given time. Meanwhile, Anti Drug Prosecutor, Luis Caravallo also announced that for several weeks, the National Police and his investigators conducted a covert operation to seize drugs hidden in several electronic devices hidden in a warehouse in Rio Abajo. "The raid took place last Saturday and we found two packages of drugs hidden within several speakers, among other things," he said. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: Explosives? Hand grenades? Not long ago there was a report of a drug seizure in which a sniper rifle was seized. The guys who are trafficking the tons of drugs through Panama every year worth billions of dollars thus far have not targeted Panamanian government officials or civilians. In general they tend to keep to themselves (and just kill other drug traffickers), and they understand the use of terrorist tactics will eventually result in their own downfall. Just ask Pablo Escobar - he tried that in Colombia and it got him killed. However, the drug traffickers need a steady stream of weapons and ammunition, if for no other reason than to protect their shipments from other drug traffickers who would steal if from them if given half a chance. So, the drugs go North and the money to be laundered comes back South, along with guns and sometimes more powerful stuff like explosives and caps. Since it was described as "bars" it was probably C4 or some other form of plastic explosive. The markings might tell you where it was produced and the options are KNAUERIT, Semtex, PENO, PE4, PLASTRITE (FORMEX P 1), Sprengkörper DM12, (Sprengmasse, formbar), C3, C4, T-4 Plastico, PWM, NITROLIT, PW-5A Plastic Explosive, CHEMEX (C4), TVAREX 4A, Sprängdeg m/46, PLASTITE produced by SSE, C-4 (Composition C-4), PE4, DEMEX, PP–01 (C4), and gelignite. Chemists might be able to look at a sample and tell you what batch it came from. Anyway, not good news, but in fact this kind of thing is relatively common - weapons to feed the FARC and others in the drug trade. As long as they don't go "boom" around here then all is well.

PN rinde informe de un decomiso de droga y artefactos explosivos

Yessika Valdés | PA-DIGITAL

El director de la Policía Nacional (PN), Gustavo Pérez, informó durante una conferencia de prensa que el operativo que se realizó en el sector de mañanita tuvo como resultado el decomiso de artefactos explosivos.

"Se encontraron Diecinueve barras de explosivos, granadas, 267 municiones para AK-47, detonadores electrónicos, además dos personas fueron detenidas", señaló Pérez.

Agregó que con el tiempo este tipo de artefactos pueden ser peligrosos por los efectos que causaría en un momento dado.

En tanto, el fiscal de Droga, Luis Caravallo, también dio a conocer que durante varias semanas la Policía Nacional y la Fiscalía de Droga llevaron una operación encubierta decomisando sustancia ilícita dentro de varios artefactos electrónicos que se mantenían en un depósito ubicado en el corregimiento de Río Abajo.

"El allanamiento se efectuó el pasado sábado y se encontro dos paquetes de droga dentro de varias bocinas entre otras cosas", manifestó.

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