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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 02:47 am EDT

Twelve Garbage Workers Fired For Selling Recyclable Materials

Corruption Telemetro Reporta - A total of twelve employees who worked at the Municipal Direction of Urban and Household Cleanliness (DIMAUD) who were reported for selling recyclable materials during working hours, were fired. This, according to the Director of DIMAUD Harmodio Montaner. The director added that three supervisors will be suspended for three days without pay, for allowing such irregularities. Montaner said they are working on a draft of a new law which would allow for the sanctioning of companies that purchase these materials from their staff during working hours. The director made a clear warning to their employees. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: Good! While I feel sorry for these poor guys who make their living by collecting other people's trash, they very often leave behind a greater mess than when they started. On the street where I live it just so happens that very often when I'm trying to drive home, the garbage truck comes by to pick up the trash. And, the street is narrow so I have to sit and wait for them to get done so they can move on and I can head home. The take all of the trash bags and quickly rip them open before they toss them into the back of the truck, looking mostly for aluminum cans. They always have a big trash bag tied to the back of the truck, there specifically to receive the cans and any other recyclable metal materials they can come up with. And in the process of ripping open the bags to search for cans, they invariably drop loose garbage and crap into the street where the truck was parked, and they never stop to pick it up. In other words, they are only there to gather up the aluminum cans, and by the way they have to collect the garbage to get them. I don't know how much they get paid for the cans but it's worth it to them or they would not be doing it. And the kicker is - these guys are doing this on company time.

Botan a empleados de aseo por vender material reciclable

/Por : Telemetro Reporta

El personal realizaba las ventas en horas laborables. Foto/Municipio AUDIO

Harmodio Montaner

En total, doce funcionarios de la Dirección Municipal de Aseo Urbano y Domiciliario (Dimaud) que fueron denunciados por vender materiales reciclables en horas laborales, serán destituidos. Así lo confirmó el director de la institución, Harmodio Montaner.

El director de la Dimaud agregó que a tres supervisores se les suspenderá por tres días, sin derecho a salario, por patrocinar esas irregularidades.

Montaner manifestó que trabajan en la elaboración de un anteproyecto de ley, que permita sancionar a las empresas que se dedican a comprar este material a los funcionarios durante sus horas laborales. Él titular hizo una clara advertencia a los funcionarios.

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