And Then Everything Breaks At Once...

Thursday, August 13 2009 @ 03:13 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

By DON WINNER for - Have you ever noticed that when things start to break or go wrong, they come in spurts? You might have noticed I've been kinda quiet over the past couple of days for several reasons. My car called it quits right in the middle of the main drag in Pedregal - it seems like there was some kind of a short in the electrical system, and it was just like "poof" and the motor stops running. Fun. Then the graphics card on my primary computer system smoked - I mean with smoke and everything - so this morning had to drop what I was doing and go see my buds over at IBC Computers in El Dorado (in a taxi, because my car was also toast.) So I got a new graphics card, better than the one that was in the machine before (smile) and now it's back up and running. And also a couple of days ago the air conditioner in my office also decided to crap out. The electronic control card that thinks for the thing burned out, so now I have guys crawling around to fix that. Anyway, like they say these things tend to come in "threes" so I guess I'm done for now. My karma debt to the grand invisible electronics god has been paid and I'm now "paz y salvo" for awhile longer. But for awhile there I thought I would have to revert to a coconut radio made by the Professor from Gilligan's Island or something...

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