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Monday, May 28 2018 @ 05:59 AM EDT

Canadian Senior Citizen Drug Mule Busted at Tocumen

Drug Trafficking By Carlos A. Rodríguez for La Critica - Canadian citizen Mark Anthony Shephard, 60 years old, was arrested by the drug unit of the Panamanian National Police at the Tocumen International Airport for international drug trafficking. The foreigner was arrested and taken to the emergency room of the Santo Tomas hospital where he began to pass the drugs he had concealed inside of this body. As of yesterday afternoon he had passed 18 packages containing drugs. In the first eight months of this year authorities have arrested more than 90 people from the United States, Canada, Europe, and other countries for smuggling illegal substances. This offense is classified as drug trafficking. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: What a dumb-ass. Instead of hanging out at the beach drinking beer and chasing chicks, this idiot is not going to spend about the next eight years of his life in a Panamanian prison (a.k.a "hell hole"). I can guarantee you he figured "hey, I can smuggle just one kilo of cocaine back to Canada and make a whole shitload of money..." Well, he got a shitload, alright, but not quite the way the had it planned. Whatever. Maybe the process of passing the drugs prepared him for what's in store. Guys, don't even think about it. You will get caught. You will spend the better part of a decade in hell. It's not worth it. Really. Just as this guy.

Canadiense maduro está en líos: tenía comprimidos de drogas

Carlos A. Rodríguez | Crítica en Línea

Comprimidos de drogas. (Foto: Cortesía )

El canadiense Mark Anthony Shephard, de 60 años, fue detenido por las unidades antinarcóticos de la Policía Nacional en el Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen, por el delito de tráfico de drogas.

El extranjero fue llevado custodiado por los uniformados al Cuarto de Urgencias del Hospital Santo Tomás, donde empezó a evacuar la mercancía que ocultaba dentro de su cuerpo. Hasta la tarde de ayer, jueves, había depositado 18 comprimidos de droga.

En los ocho meses del año en curso, las autoridades en el lugar han detectado más de 90 personas originarios de Norteamérica, Europa, y otras nacionalidades, traficando sustancias ilícitas.

El delito se clasifica como narcotráfico.

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Canadian Senior Citizen Drug Mule Busted at Tocumen
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, August 15 2009 @ 02:31 AM EDT

I thought cocaine was white? What's that yellowish brown stuff?

And people want to sniff that stuff up their nose?


Drink beer. It's cheaper and easier.


Canadian Senior Citizen Drug Mule Busted at Tocumen
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, August 22 2009 @ 07:40 PM EDT

It's poo poo stains. manchas de mierda