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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 08:25 am EDT

Former Government Officials Reported for Embezzlement

CorruptionBy Yessika Valdés for the Panama America - The Executive Secretary of the National Council of Transparency Against Corruption, Fernando Núñez Fábrega, today brought a criminal complaint before the Public Ministry (MP) against the former CEO of the Caja de Ahorros, Eudoro Jaén, and the former Administrator of the Interoceanic Region Authority (ARI), Julio Ross Anguizola, for an alleged embezzlement of more than $1.5 million dollars from State funds. According to Núñez Fábrega, Jaén and Anguizola conspired to transfer lands located in the province of Colón in such a way as to not pay the proper funds to the State. He said the property is worth $1.7 billion dollars and was passed to the hands of the Colon Water Front Properties company without them paying for it or getting a mortgage on the property. The anti-corruption Czar said the company paid only 10% of the value of the land when the buy-sell contract was signed. Other crimes reported by Núñez Fábrega is abuse of authority, corruption, and official negligence. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: Better. A former Director of ARI and a former Director of one of Panama's public banks. I'm still waiting for someone with the title of former "minister," "president," or "national assembly deputy" to get called up on corruption charges, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced. Until that happens the lower and mid level ducks simply are not all that impressive. But this is a step in the right direction. Maybe this anti corruption czar will actually do something - the last one was little more than window dressing.

Denuncian a ex funcionarios por peculado

Yessika Valdés PA-DIGITAL

[17 Ago|15:18] El secretario Ejecutivo del Consejo Nacional de Transparencia contra la Corrupción, Fernando Núñez Fábrega, interpuso hoy una denuncia criminal ante el Ministerio Público (MP) contra el ex gerente General de la Caja de Ahorro, Eudoro Jaén y el ex administrador de la Autoridad de la Región Interoceánica (ARI), Julio Ross Anguizola por un supuesto peculado que supera los B/ 1.5 millones en perjuicio del Estado.

Según Núñez Fábrega, Jaén y Anguizola conspiraron para que la transferencia de un terreno ubicado en la provincia de Colón no se diera afetando al Estado.

Indicó el bien esta valorado un B/ 1. 700 mil y paso a manos de la empresa Colon Water Front Properties sin que se pagará o se hipotecara.

El zar anti corrupción agregó que la empresa sólo pagó el 10% del valor de las tierras cuando se hizo la nota de compra y venta.

Otros de los delitos denunciados por Núñez Fábrega son el abuso de autoridad, corrupción de funcionario y negligencia.

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