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Monday, May 28 2018 @ 06:07 AM EDT

Martinelli's Government Collecting An Additional $1.2 Million Per Day "At Gunpoint"

PoliticsBy Carlos Estrada Aguilar for La Critica - The government of President Ricardo Martinelli has raised on average about $1.2 million per day in the first 54 days of his administration, said Vice President Juan Carlos Varela. In total, the government has raised about $70 million dollars in additional tax funds. The money raised came from $25 million dollars saved in cuts to contracts in the National Assembly, $20 million in the reorganization of the casino concessions in the country, another $15 million anticipated from the adjustment of maritime licenses, and $10 million in increases in contributions made by the ports to the state. Varela said this policy of "cleaning house" driven by President Martinelli has allowed the government to fulfill its promise of paying a $100 monthly check to those adults over 70 years of age with no other source of retirement income, as well as to pay for the raises to the police officers and security forces. "We are taking steps to benefit the people and to fulfill the promises President Martinelli made during the campaign. The change has started from day one in reducing the Assembly budget, reviewing the direct grants, contributions from the ports to the Treasury, and the review of licenses held by sailors," he said. The vice president said this week they will approve the payment of a $5,000 dollar bonus for the construction of public housing, whose price is below $30,000 dollars. "It's good for the private sector to understand that the steps we have taken to collect the necessary funds to fulfill the promises we made to the people are healthy and fair. I defend the actions taken by the government to put the State in order," he said. He stressed the government will take the actions that should be taken in order to benefit the more than 3 million Panamanians, as long as it does not have a negative impact on the cost of living, job creation, and the legal security of the country. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: Good, they are going to bring back the low cost housing incentive program. Here's how it works. Let's say you can buy a huge parcel of land on the outskirts of Panama City somewhere, large enough to build a new neighborhood of 500 houses. The government establishes the standards for the houses, usually they end up being about 100 square meters or so on a 300 square meter lot, two bedroom, one bathroom, a living room, dining room, kitchen, parking area in front of the house, built out of cement block with stucco finish, "zinc" roof, etc. If you can offer these houses for sale on the open market for less than $30,000 each, then the government will pay you a bonus of $5,000 dollars for each one you sell, build, and deliver. So, in this 500 house development you can pull in an additional $2.5 million dollars in profits (500 houses and $5,000 per), above and beyond what you can make on the sale of the houses themselves in the "normal" market. The breaker is the cost of land. If you can get the very large parcel of land at a very good price per meter then the math works and it's worth doing.

$1.2 millones recaudados diarios a punta de mazo

Carlos Estrada Aguilar ( | Crítica en Línea

El Gobierno del presidente Ricardo Martinelli ha recaudado en promedio cerca de $1.2 millones diarios en los 54 días de administración del Órgano Ejecutivo, reveló el vicepresidente Juan Carlos Varela.

La cifra total de recaudación extraordinaria del Ejecutivo asciende a unos $70 millones.

Los fondos recaudados provienen de los $25 millones en el recorte de contratos en la Asamblea Nacional, $20 millones del reordenamiento de las concesiones en los casinos del país, $15 millones que provendrán del ajuste en los certificados de marino y $10 millones del aumento en las contribuciones de los puertos al Estado.

Varela manifestó que la política de "ordenar la casa" impulsada por el presidente Martinelli ha permitido que el gobierno cumpla su promesa de darle un bono de $100 mensual a los adultos mayores de 70 años de edad y el aumento salarial a los agentes de la Fuerza Pública.

"Estamos tomando las medidas necesarias para beneficiar al pueblo y cumplir las promesas del presidente Martinelli hecho en la campaña. El cambio inició desde el primer día reduciendo el presupuesto de la Asamblea, revisando las concesiones directas, las contribuciones de los puertos al fisco y la revisión de los carnet de marinos", destacó el funcionario.

El vicepresidente manifestó que esta misma semana será aprobada la propuesta de un bono de $5 mil para la construcción de viviendas de interés social, cuyo precio esté por debajo de $30 mil.

"Es bueno que el sector privado entienda que las medidas tomadas para sumar los fondos necesarios para cumplir las promesas al pueblo son sanas y justas. Yo defiendo las acciones emprendidas por el gobierno para ordenar el Estado", agregó.

Destacó que el gobierno tomará las acciones que deba tomar para beneficiar a $3 millones de panameños, siempre y cuando no se afecte el costo de la vida, la generación de empleo y la seguridad jurídica del país.

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