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Monday, January 22 2018 @ 06:55 PM EST

Telecommunications Security Law Passes First Debate

Internet & Technology By: Kathyria Caicedo for Telemetro Reporta - The Governance Committee of the National Assembly approved in the first debate the draft bill for Law 28, telecommunications security, which will now pass to the full Assembly for approval in the second and third debate before becoming law. The draft bill was approved almost in its entirety, except for an article that included a requirement to keep a log and register of missed calls. The Deputies decided to require telephone companies to only make records of those calls that are actually connected. Act 28 obligates telecommunications companies that operate fixed and mobile services to collect and retain data from their users, as well as other provisions. The Government and Justice Minister, Jose Raul Mulino, who introduced this bill was present throughout the discussion, which has been quite controversial.


Aprueban en 1er debate ley de telecomunicaciones

Por : Kathyria Caicedo

La primera fase de la aprobación fueron las consultas. Foto/Cortesía Asamblea Proyecto de Ley 28

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La Comisión de Gobierno de la Asamblea Nacional aprobó en primer debate el proyecto de Ley 28, de seguridad en telecomunicaciones, por lo que ahora le corresponderá al pleno aprobar el segundo y tercer debate.

El proyecto se aprobó casi en su totalidad, salvo por el artículo que incluía el registro de las llamadas perdidas. Los diputados decidieron que sólo se anotarán las llamadas que se realicen.

La Ley 28 establece la obligación en las empresas concesionarias de telefonía móvil, fija, redes de comunicación y similares, de conservar los datos de los usuarios del servicio y otras disposiciones.

El ministro de Gobierno y Justicia, José Raúl Mulino, quien presentó este proyecto de ley estuvo presente, durante toda la discusión, la cual ha sido bastante polémica.

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Telecommunications Security Law Passes First Debate
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, August 25 2009 @ 12:13 PM EDT

Yes...its very alarming that Panama is going down the road following the USA in the "big brother" mode. Between this and the move to stop short term condo rentals to "protect" the hotel consortium...these are alarming movements by this new government. Next up, no "sociedad anonima" or bank privacy. These movements are not to protect citizens from criminals, but to give criminals connected to government a free lunch...or protect the "fellowship of invasive governments".