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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 02:59 am EDT

Anti Corruption Czar Cites "Poor Performance" of Panama's Attorney General

Corruption By Denise Lara for Telemetro Reporta - Panama's Anti Corruption Czar, Fernando Núñez Fábrega, lashed out today against Attorney General Ana Matilde Gomez, after she sent a letter to the Ministry of the Presidency in which she spoke of the "legal excesses" of the Executive Secretariat of the National Council Transparency. For Núñez Fábrega it seems suspicious that the Attorney General decided to voice her complaints on the same day that the Council presented its first formal complaints against two senior members of the administration of former president Martin Torrijos. He described as "poor" the management of Gomez considering her failure to fulfill her promises to pursue crime. "Her silence is inexplicable, given the excesses of corruption that marked the administration of Martín Torrijos, who appointed her to the position, is suspicious." Nunez Fabrega denied the allegations made by Gomez, who says the investigative functions of Decree 179 created by the cabinet in 2004 were "abolished in virtue that they conflict with the attributions and constitutional and legal order which fall to other institutions of the government." (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: Whoops! Man, you gotta hate it when your own political bullshit comes back to bite you in the ass. Martin Torrijos created this position of "anti corruption czar" shortly after taking office. Remember, in 2004 he was elected on a primary campaign promise of "zero corruption" - so creating this position was the fulfillment of a campaign promise for him. Of course, the position was really just a showpiece and in fact the anti corruption czar basically just kept the chair warm during the entire Torrijos administration and really didn't do anything effective. So now here comes the administration of Ricardo Martinelli, who's new Anti Corruption Czar Fernando Núñez Fábrega actually starts to do shit. Hello! And then all of a sudden Ana Matilde Gomez jumps up and complains that this guy doesn't have the legal power or authority to do anything anyway. And why has she not complained in the past five years? Because (of course) there was no need to - Torrijos' Czar didn't do anything so there was no need to complain. Meanwhile, back at the Public Ministry, the one person who is supposed to be in charge of enforcing the law and bringing criminals to justice before the courts as the top prosecutor in the nation finds herself in the position of defending the (corrupt) political cronies who put her in power. And what is she complaining about? The guy who is actually trying to do something about the corrupt practices of the administration of Martin Torrijos. Friggin' amazing...

Califican de "pobre" desempeño de la Procuradora

Por : Denise Lara

Fernando Núñez Fábrega, Secretario Anticorrupción. Foto/Kathy Caicedo.

El Secretario Anticorrupción, Fernando Núñez Fábrega, arremetió hoy contra la Procuradora General de la Nación, Ana Matilde Gómez, luego de que ésta enviara una carta al Ministerio de la Presidencia, donde hablaba de los "excesos legales" de la Secretaría Ejecutiva del Consejo Nacional de Transparencia.

A Núñez Fábrega le parece sospechoso que la Procuradora se pronuncie el mismo día en el que el Concejo presenta la primera denuncia formal contra dos altos miembros de la administración del ex presidente Martín Torrijos.

Igualmente calificó como "pobre" la gestión de Gómez ante su compromiso de perseguir delitos. "Su silencio inexplicable ante los desmanes de corrupción que marcaron la administración de Martín Torrijos, quien la nombró en ese cargo, es sospechoso".

Núñez Fábrega desmintió las afirmaciones de Goméz, quien asegura que las funciones investigativas del decreto 179 que creó al Concejo en el 2004 fueron "suprimidas en virtud que reñían con las atribuciones que por orden constitucional y legal le competen a otras instituciones del Estado".

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