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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 02:48 am EDT

Former Education Minister Belgis Castro Makes Sworn Statement in Corruption Investigation

Corruption Panama America - Before entering the offices of the Second Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, former Education Minister Belgis Castro said this morning he has nothing to do with the alleged irregularities in the awarding of contracts for the removal of fiberglass insulation at several public schools. Castro said he is willing to clarify how such contracts let during the eight months while he was the Minister of Education, although he did not rule out the possibility that the investigation is a political persecution against him. The investigations being carried out by the prosecutor established Castro awarded contracts for the removal of fiberglass insulation in the eastern part of the province of Panama to a company called Grupo Inmeca S.A. for the sum of $136,000 dollars, and that the work was either not property completed or in some cases never even started. On 31 August and 1 September, the Third Prosecutor will take statements from Castro and the former Education Minister Salvador Rodríguez, also for other crimes related to the supposed removal of fiberglass insulation, but in these cases in the province of Colon. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: A few years ago there was this big scandal over the supposed "contamination" of fiberglass in the public schools. There were demonstrations by students, teachers, and parents, all demanding the fiberglass be "cleaned up" or "removed." When all of this was going on, my radar was twitching. I mean, there's nothing dangerous or harmful about fiberglass insulation. If you touch the stuff and it gets into your skin it can be itchy, but only if you have to handle it. Construction workers who are installing fiberglass insulation wear protective clothing and equipment to keep it from getting under their skin. And if fiberglass insulation is property and correctly installed it works perfectly to keep the heat out. There is no danger whatsoever, as there was with asbestos. So what were all of these people talking about then? It didn't make any sense. Ah, then later it all came together. The Ministry of Education began to let "clean up" contracts to have the fiberglass removed. They went to the National Assembly to get special funding to pay for the supposed cleanup. I mean, if there's no money going around then there's nothing to steal, right? In the real world there never was a need to remove the fiberglass in the first place. You just repair and damage to the drywall or "gypsum" ceilings, paint, and forget about it. What's so hard about that. I started asking some questions of government officials, and was pretty much told "we know, don't worry about it..." In other words, they created the crisis, got the funding to take care of the crisis, and then stole the money. Just another day in the neighborhood...

Belgis Castro rinde indagatoria en la Fiscalía Segunda Anticorrupción

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Belgis Castro es indagado por la presunta adjudicación irregular de 10 contratos para remover fibra en la isla San Miguel.

[26 Ago|08:21] Antes de ingresar a la Fiscalía Segunda Anticorrupción el ex ministro de Educación, Belgis Castro, aseguró esta mañana que no tiene nada que ver con las supuestas irregularidades en la adjudicación de contratos para la remoción de fibra de vidrio en varios planteles educativos.

Castro, dijo que está dispuesto aclarar como se hicieron los contratos durante los 8 meses que estuvo al frente del MEDUCA, aunque no descartó la posibilidad de que todo se trate de una persecución política en su contra.

Las pesquisas de la Fiscalía, establecen que Castro asignó contratos para la remoción de fibra de vidrio en el área Este al Grupo Inmeca S.A. por la suma de B/ 136,000 y que en algunos casos esos trabajos no se concluyeron o ni siquiera se realizaron.

El próximo 31 de agosto y 1 de septiembre la Fiscalía Tercera se encargará de indagar a Castro y al ex ministro Salvador Rodríguez, también por presuntos delitos relacionados con el retiro de fibra de vidrio, pero ahora en la provincia de Colón.

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