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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 08:48 am EDT

Varela Calls Torrijos PARLACEN Oath Taking an "Error"

Corruption Panama America - Panama's Vice President, Juan Carlos Varela, criticized former President Martín Torrijos and former Foreign Minister Samuel Lewis Navarro for the "mistake" of having being sworn in as Members of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), despite the decision of the new Panamanian government to get out of this forum. "I feel they have made a mistake (because) we are one country, and they should follow the mandate of the president, Ricardo Martinelli, and the will and the decision he has taken to withdrawal Panama from the Central American Parliament," said Varela, who is also Panama's Foreign Minister. Varela said, in this sense that "if the country were in agreement that Panama should remain in the Parlacen then the people would have chosen a different President and not Ricardo Martinelli" in the elections last May. "I do not agree (that Torrijos and Lewis took possession), it was their decision and I respect it, but Panama will be leaving this organization within the next 90 days," said Varela. Torrijos and Lewis were sworn in on Thursday in Santo Domingo as Members of Parliament (Parlacen) during a general meeting of that regional organization. At the time of his swearing in, Lewis said the Central American Parliament "is a significant part of the institutionalization that Central America has decided to create for the purposes of approach and cooperation" towards the end of contributing to the overall welfare of the peoples of the region. The Government of Panama last week officially announced their intent to depart from the PARLACEN to the members of the Central American Integration System (SICA) and that decision must be either ratified or rejected by the leaders of the region within 90 days. The withdrawal of Parlacen was one of the campaign promises of the current president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, who believes this forum is not useful, it is "inoperative" and "a cave of immunities."

Varela califica de "error" juramento de Torrijos en Parlacen

Panamá EFE

El vicepresidente y canciller de la República, Ricardo Martinelli. Foto/Archivo

[28 Ago] El vicepresidente de Panamá, Juan Carlos Varela, criticó hoy al ex presidente Martín Torrijos y al ex canciller Samuel Lewis Navarro por el "error" de haber jurado como diputados del Parlamento Centroamericano (Parlacen), pese a la decisión del nuevo gobierno panameño de salirse de este foro.

"Siento que han cometido un error (porque) somos un solo país y ellos deben de seguir el mandato del presidente, Ricardo Martinelli, y la voluntad y la decisión que tomó (éste) de salir del Parlacen", dijo Varela, también canciller panameño

Varela indicó, en este sentido, que "si el país estuviera de acuerdo con el Parlacen hubieran escogido otro presidente y no a Ricardo Martinelli" en las elecciones de mayo pasado.

"No estoy de acuerdo (en que Torrijos y Lewis tomaran posesión), es su decisión y se la respeto, pero Panamá sale de este organismo en los próximos 90 días", recalcó Varela.

Torrijos y Lewis juraron ayer, jueves, en Santo Domingo como diputados al Parlamento Centroamericano (Parlacen), durante una asamblea general de este organismo regional.

En el momento de su juramento, Lewis indicó que el Parlacen "es una parte significativa de la institucionalidad que Centroamérica ha decidido darse para los propósitos de su acercamiento y de su cooperación" con el fin de contribuir al bienestar de los pueblos de la región.

El Gobierno de Panamá comunicó oficialmente la semana pasada su salida del Parlacen a los países miembros del Sistema de Integración Centroamericana (SICA) y la decisión deberá ser ratificada o denegada por los mandatarios de la región en un plazo de noventa días.

El retiro del Parlacen fue una de las promesas de campaña del actual presidente de Panamá, Ricardo Martinelli, quien considera que este foro no es útil y constituye un órgano "inoperante" y "una cueva de inmunidades".

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Varela Calls Torrijos PARLACEN Oath Taking an "Error"
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, August 29 2009 @ 02:08 pm EDT

thank god for the martinelli goverment..

ive been here for over 11 years,,now is like living in hell with all the corruption and all the descrimination against americans and most tourist here..please send me some one who wants to buy some bargains here..